KO16: Dinamo Kazan – Saint Germain HC

4 - 2
4 Oct 15:45 CET
Barcelona, Spain

Match highlights

'9Aleksandr GilevA. Gilev

'16Anton KornilovA. Kornilov


'42Nikolai IankunN. Iankun

'49Anton KornilovA. Kornilov

'50Aleksei MaiorovA. Maiorov

'50Nikolai IankunN. Iankun

'53Hugo VerrierH. Verrier

'57Noé JouinN. Jouin

'58Louis GoyetL. Goyet


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BARCELONA - Euro Hockey League KO16 2019-2020 Dinamo Kazan v Saint Germain HC (KO16) Photo: Dinamo Kazan scored a goal WORLDSPORTPICS COPYRIGHT FRANK UIJLENBROEK

Match report

Dinamo Kazan won their first ever knock-out match in the EHL in their 13th season in the world’s premier club competition as they beat Saint Germain 4-2 in the KO16.

The Russian side won back their national title last week and they carried that momentum into this tie in Barcelona, taking a 2-0 lead into half-time and they held on despite some late Saint Ger pressure.

A fabulous solo run from Kazan’s Nikolai Maiorov down the left side was finished with a sliding shot from Aleksandr Gilev to put them ahead in the sixth minute. Their second goal came from a similar move down the left side, again defeating the French defence, this time Anton Kornilov beating the French keeper.

The second half started with St Germain seeking to get on the scoresheet, but nothing seemed to get past the strong Russian defence who were dangerous on the counter.

Pavel Golubev went close before Kazan stretched their lead via Nikolai Iankun, a perfect penalty corner strike in the 42nd minute, going fully in control at 3-0.

The fourth quarter saw Kazan get their 4th, a turnover ball and again a ball in from the left side which, again, Kornilov popped into the back of the net, finding himself unmarked in front of the goal from Golubev’s pass.

The French side did rally in the latter stages with Noe Jouin getting one back with a powerful backhand shot and Louis Goyet netted a corner rebound with three minutes to go

That final flurry from the French wasn’t enough to undo the Russia side and sees them into the KO8 for the first time in the history of the EHL.

Dinamo Kazan (RUS) 9′ GILEV Aleksandr Field Goal 1 – 0
Dinamo Kazan (RUS) 16′ KORNILOV Anton Field Goal 2 – 0
Dinamo Kazan (RUS) 42′ IANKUN Nikolai Penalty Corner 3 – 0
Dinamo Kazan (RUS) 49′ KORNILOV Anton Field Goal 4 – 0
Saint Germain HC (FRA) 57′ JOUIN Noé Field Goal 4 – 1
Saint Germain HC (FRA) 58′ GOYET Louis Penalty Corner 4 – 2