EHL Tickets

Tickets are now on sale for the EHL Men KO16 in Barcelona which takes place from October 6-8, 2023 at Real Club de Polo.

Day tickets are available to buy online for €21 for over 17s while younger fans can attend for €11 per day (inclusive of service fee, additional delivery fees may vary). This covers all matches on pitch 1 each day while the ranking games on pitch 2 will be free of charge.

Ticket link:

EHL Men KO16 (October 6-8, 2023; Real Club de Polo, Barcelona)

Ticket prices (including service fee; additional delivery costs may vary)

€21 (17+ years)

€11 (<17 years)

No ticket required for the second stadium (pitch 2).

Ticket link:

EHL Men KO16 fixture schedule (all times CET – pitch 1 unless stated)

Friday, October 6

M1: Waterloo Ducks HC v Banbridge HC, 11.15

M2: Old Georgians HC v Mannheimer HC, 13.30

M3: Racing Club de France v Holcombe HC, 15.45

M4: CAM 92 v Real Club de Polo, 18.00

Saturday, October 7

M5: Post SV v HC Rotweiss Wettingen, 09.45

M6: Ranking match – Loser M1 v Loser M2, 11.30 (pitch 2)

M7: Royal Leopold v Harvestehuder THC, 12.00

M8: Western Wildcats HC vs TJ Plzeň-Litice, 14.15

M9: Ranking match – Loser M3 v Loser M4, 16.00 (pitch 2)

M10: HC Bloemendaal vs SV Kampong, 16.30

Sunday, October 8

M11: KO8: Winner M1 v Winner M2, 09.45

M12: Ranking match – Loser M7 v Loser M5, 11.30 (pitch 2)

M13: KO8: Winner M3 v Winner M4, 12.00

M14: KO8: Winner M7 v Winner M5, 14.15

M15: Ranking match – Loser M10 v Loser M8, 16.00 (pitch 2)

M16: KO8: Winner M10 v Winner M8, 16.30