KO1: HC Bloemendaal – Harvestehuder THC

7 - 2
6 Apr 17:00 CET
Pinoké - Wagener Stadium

Match highlights

'2Thierry BrinkmanT. Brinkman

'11Paul GlanderP. Glander

'15Paul GlanderP. Glander

'34Tim SwaenT. Swaen


'37Casper van der VeenC. v. d. Veen

'42Thierry BrinkmanT. Brinkman

'47Teun BeinsT. Beins

'53Tim SwaenT. Swaen

'57Michael KörperM. Körper

'59Tom HiebendaalT. Hiebendaal


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Match report

Bloemendaal produced a breathtaking second half to pull away from Harvestehuder THC and continue their incredible winning run in the EHL.

Thierry Brinkman did get Bloemendaal off to a brilliant start, shooting home on his backhand in the second minute but HTHC battled back with 17-year-old Paul Glander ripping home a penalty corner drag-flick via a defensive stick for 1-1.

In a brilliant first half, the chances flowed thick and fast and it looked evenly poised at the big break but the Dutch giants pulled away in the second half. Tim Swaen dragged in a corner to take back the lead.

And then Casper van der Veen burst clear to finish off a pitch-length move with a beauty of a goal and 3-1. Brinkman picked up the pieces for a fourth before the end of Q3.

Teun Beins and Swaen notched corner second phase goals and while Michael Körper dragged one back, Tom Hiebendaal then finished off the victory.