KO16: SV Kampong – HC Minsk

8 - 1
5 Oct 16:30 CET
Barcelona, Spain

Match highlights

'1Jip JanssenJ. Janssen

'2Terrance PietersT. Pieters

'6Bjorn KellermanB. Kellerman

'18Bjorn KellermanB. Kellerman

'29Robbert KempermanR. Kemperman

'32Terrance PietersT. Pieters


'48Bjorn KellermanB. Kellerman

'60Boet PhijfferB. Phijffer

'60Aliaksandr HancharouA. Hancharou


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BARCELONA - Euro Hockey League KO16 2019-2020 10 SV Kampong - HC Minsk Photo: Robbert Kemperman. WORLDSPORTPICS COPYRIGHT FRANK UIJLENBROEK

Match report

SV Kampong delivered a hockey masterclass in their opening game of EHL KO16 game v HC Minsk.

Jip Janssen set the tone in the first minute converting a corner in the first minute. Kampong went ahead from Terrance Pieters and Bjorn Kellerman. Kellerman and Robbert Kemperman added one more each to bring the score to 5-0 at half time.

Terrance Pieters, the young buck of the Kampong side scored his debut EHL goal for Kampong in the 3rd quarter, a reverse shot from an impossible angle, assisting into the goal by the Minsk defence. Kellerman got his hat-trick in the 48th minute. The final Kampong goal came in the 60th minute via Boet Phijffer Minsk did get a consolation goal via an Aliaksandr Hancharou pc.

Speaking to Terrance Pieters after the game, he said he was happy with the result “Yes I am happy with the result, it was our first game of this year’s EHL, so it was great to have a good win. We did miss a lot of chances, but we worked hard at keeping the game at our own level throughout the game. It was difficult and towards the end of the game we started giving away some space.” On his first appearance for Kampong, he added “It was a really special game for me. This team has been really easy to adjust to, the way we play it really suits me, yes there are new faces, but I am really happy to be a part of this team”

On tomorrow’s game v Herakles, he said “Our main objective will be to focus on our own game and how we play, we know we have the quality to beat any team, but that means we have to focus on our own plans. We will, of course, watch some video to prepare!”


SV Kampong (NED) 1′ JANSSEN Jip Penalty Corner 1 – 0
SV Kampong (NED) 2′ PIETERS Terrance Field Goal 2 – 0
SV Kampong (NED) 6′ KELLERMAN Bjorn Field Goal 3 – 0
SV Kampong (NED) 18′ KELLERMAN Bjorn Field Goal 4 – 0
SV Kampong (NED) 29′ KEMPERMAN Robbert Field Goal 5 – 0
SV Kampong (NED) 32′ PIETERS Terrance Field Goal 6 – 0
SV Kampong (NED) 48′ KELLERMAN Bjorn Field Goal 7 – 0
SV Kampong (NED) 60′ PHIJFFER Boet Penalty Corner 8 – 0
HC Minsk (BLR) 60′ HANCHAROU Aliaksandr Penalty Corner 8 – 1