5th/7th Place: Gantoise HC – Hamburger Polo Club

2 - 2 (3 - 1 SO)
9 Apr 16:00 CET
Pinoké - Wagener Stadium

Match highlights

'3Kane RussellK. Russell

'9Paul SmithP. Smith

'15Timothée ClémentT. Clément

'27Luca MüllerL. Müller

'28Constantin StaibC. Staib


'37Emile EsquelinE. Esquelin

'46Guillaume HellinG. Hellin

'48Roman DuvekotR. Duvekot

'54Leon ThörnblomL. Thörnblom


SOConstantin StaibC. Staib

SOTimothée ClémentT. Clément

SOHugo InglisH. Inglis

SOÉtienne Tynevez. Tynevez

SOLeon ThörnblomL. Thörnblom

SOEmile EsquelinE. Esquelin

SOLasse MinkL. Mink

SOMaxime DeplusM. Deplus

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Match report

Gantoise came back from 2-0 to finish their EHL Men’s season with a fifth place finish with Hamburger Polo Club ending in seventh.

Kane Russell opened the scoring with a stroke for Polo; Paul Smith then made it two with quick hands to jab the ball home following a brilliant run along the left baseline by Diede van Puffelen.

Timothée Clément’s slap from the top of the circle got Gantoise on the board before the end of the first quarter and they were level early in Q4. It came when Sean Murray crashed a ball to the back post where Guillaume Hellin touched in the goal for 2-2.

Gantoise then won the shoot-out with something to spare, Etienne Tynevez’s special effort the highlight in a 3-1 success.