Royal Leopold Club

About Royal Leopold Club

Royal Leopold qualified for the FINAL8 by virtue of their famous Belgian championship win last season, meaning they have gone further in the EHL than ever before. Previous campaigns have always been limited to the KO16 but they have since developed a squad of real purpose and talent.

Global superstar Tom Boon gives them a golden fulcrum to their forward line alongside exciting talent Max Plennevaux and French sniper Gaspard Baumgarten. The latter is one of three French internationals in the team along with Aristide Coisne and Jean-Baptiste Forgues.

The guts of the team have been together for a long time with goalkeeper Romain Henet, Dimitri Cuvelier, Dorian Thiéry, Arthur Verdussen and rangy striker Tom Degroote playing a number of seasons in tandem.

EHL History
2012/13 – KO16
2015/16 – KO16
2016/17 – ROUND1
2018/19 – KO16 – won 9th place ranking match

The team


Shirt number: 1
Date of Birth: 05/01/1998
Nationality: Belgium


Shirt number: 2
Date of Birth: 16/05/1994
Nationality: Belgium

COISNE Aristide

Shirt number: 20
Date of Birth: 27/09/1993
Nationality: France

DELOS Nathan

Shirt number: 29
Date of Birth: 23/02/2000
Nationality: Belgium


Shirt number: 30
Date of Birth: 18/03/2003
Nationality: Belgium

DE KEPPER Balthazar

Shirt number: 34
Date of Birth: 23/07/2001
Nationality: Belgium