AH&BC Amsterdam

About AH&BC Amsterdam

One of the giants of the European game, AH&BC Amsterdam are looking to become the continental champions for the 15th time and they come into the EHL FINAL8 as the last winners of the European Club Cup on home turf last Easter.

They bring a star studded line-up to the field with FIH Player of the Year nominee Eva de Goede an absolute powerhouse in midfield. She is working with the likes of Dutch stars Lauren Stam, Anne Veenendaal and Maria Verschoor. Rising talents like Ilse Kappelle, Felice Albers, Noor de Baat, Floor de Haan, Michelle Fillet and Sosha Benninga make for a fresh-faced unit.

They have missed ace striker Marijn Veen through injury in the first half of the season while Kelly Jonker is also taking a break from the game.

Their first step will be a contest with Belarus’s HC Minsk.

The team

van RIJN Melanie

Shirt number: 3
Date of Birth: 18/08/2002
Nationality: Netherlands

VEGA Charlotte

Shirt number: 8
Date of Birth: 14/03/1991
Nationality: Netherlands

van DRUNEN Lina

Shirt number: 10
Date of Birth: 06/04/1992
Nationality: Netherlands

GROEN Elsemiek

Shirt number: 22
Date of Birth: 12/02/1988
Nationality: Netherlands


Shirt number: 27
Date of Birth: 24/12/2001
Nationality: Netherlands


Shirt number: 28
Date of Birth: 30/01/2003
Nationality: Netherlands