KO16: Dinamo Elektrostal – SV Kampong

2 - 5
30 Sep 15:00 CET
Brasschaat, Belgium

Match highlights

'1Nikita DvoretskiiN. Dvoretskii

'13Robbert KempermanR. Kemperman

'26Jip JanssenJ. Janssen

'32Silas LagemanS. Lageman

'32Derck de VilderD. d. Vilder


'40Nikita DvoretskiiN. Dvoretskii

'44Evgenii ArtemovE. Artemov

'54Bjorn KellermanB. Kellerman

'54Boet PhijfferB. Phijffer

'58Bjorn KellermanB. Kellerman


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Match report

Match 02: Dinamo Elektrostal 2 (N Dvoretskii 2) SV Kampong 5 (B Kellerman 2, R Kemperman, J Janssen, S Lageman)

SV Kampong advanced to the KO8 phase of the EHL Ranking Cup as two late goals from Bjorn Kellerman saw them eventually shake off the challenge of Dinamo Elektrostal.

It puts them through to a Friday date (15.00 CET) with Austria’s SV Arminen who were awarded a bye due to Grange not being able to travel to the event.

Elektrostal got off to the dream start when they broke free down the left win and set through Marat Khairullin. He delivered the perfect cross for Nikita Dvoretskii to ramp the ball high into the net.

It was actually their second chance of a fiery first minute from the Russians but the 2016 EHL champions soon found their mojo. They ran up a trio of corners in the first 10 minute but veteran Roman Rogov was not to be beaten by the set-piece; instead it was Robbert Kemperman bursting forward from midfield and thumping home an open-hand shot that levelled it 13 minutes in.

Elektrostal were not perturbed and continued to play an attacking style with Dvoretskii going close early in the second quarter

Jip Janssen did find his range from Kampong’s fifth corner, though, to make it 2-1 at half-time with a low corner bullet.

And they looked to be getting more comfortable in the fixture when they moved further clear, Silas Lageman credited with the third goal from Terrance Pieters’ deflection after an initial Bjorn Kellerman pass.

But Elektrostal kept the tie in the mix when Dvoretskii finished off at the third attempt from a penalty corner rebound; 3-2 going into the closing quarter.

Kampong, however, put the game to bed in the closing six minutes. First, Kellerman was left all alone in mid-circle, giving him time to clip into the bottom corner.

And Kellerman – a few days following his international retirement – completed the win with a late gift, rolling home the fifth goal when he was presented with a loose clearance across the face of goal.

Umpires: A Fedenczuk (SCO) A Ortiz (ESP)