Kampong win all-time classic EHL battle with Rot-Weiss

SV Kampong won one of the all-time classic EHL Men’s encounters as they defeated long-time rivals Rot-Weiss Köln in a shoot-out following a 5-5 draw in normal time.

It was non-stop action from minute one to 60 and beyond as David Harte and Duco Telgenkamp produced the shoot-out heroics for Kampong to advance to the GRAND FINAL.

Telgenkamp had opened the scoring in the opening 40 seconds with an outrageous backhand shot. Tom Grambusch quickly equalised with his third corner of the weekend but Jip Janssen did likewise in the ninth minute for a 2-1 lead.

Jonas de Geus deflected in a clever corner move and Kampong looked to be cruising when Silas Lageman’s lovely ball juggling saw him lift the ball in for 4-1.

The comeback began with 18 minutes to go when Fabio Seitz lifted the ball over David Harte and it built further when Michel Struthoff’s thunderous shot made it over the line via a couple of ricochets.

Mats Grambusch levelled the game at 4-4 with a lovely touch close int for 4-4 but Janssen seemed to have turned the game back Kampong’s way with four minutes left from a corner.

Thies Ole Prinz, though, sent the game to shoot-out when he forced the ball over the line for 5-5.

In the shoot-out, the German club went 2-1 up but Harte took over after that to save three in a row while Rik Sprengers and then Telgenkamp both scored to win it 3-2.