Junior and Campo start 2024 on winning note

Both Junior FC and Club de Campo returned to action for the second half of the Spanish season in winning fashion as the Iberdrola League got back into gear for 2024.

In Sant Cugat, Junior took the three points against CD Terrassa with a goal in the first quarter by Gigi Oliva from a penalty corner and another corner in the last minute from Mariona San José. 

They remain two points behind Campo who were winners in La Albericia against Sardinero. 

Laura Barrios converted a penalty stroke near the end of the first half. And in the second, two more goals came for the Madrid team from Begoña García and Alejandra Torres-Quevedo right at the beginning of the last quarter, extended out a 3-0 result.

Both EHL-bound clubs remain unbeaten in the league so far as they head into a busy period with the Copa de la Reina coming up in a couple of weeks time before they head to Amsterdam for the FINAL8.