SCHC produce indoor perfection for first title

SCHC won the Dutch indoor title for the very first time as they won 3-0 against HDM in last weekend’s final.

It was the perfect performance as they combined lively attack with fine defensive work – backed by goalkeeper Marsha Zwezereijn – to keep a clean sheet.

Trijntje Beljaars fired SCHC into a 14th minute lead from a penalty corner and then she doubled the margin after super build-up from Laurien Leurink.

And the victory was complete in the second half from the penalty spot after Ginella Zerbo was fouled and Mette Winter slotted it home.

Reflecting on the game, Leurink hailed the youthful nature of the team.

She told “Look at them… we have girls aged seventeen, twenty and 21 on our team. We are a really young team. Only Anna [de Geus], ​​Famke [Richardson], Ginella [Zerbo] and I are a bit older.

“The fact that we have achieved this with so many youngsters makes this title very special. It shows the development we are going through as a team.

“Such a title is another important step in the process of shaking off the final syndrome.”

It is a first title of what they hope could be a productive season with the EHL FINAL8 to look forward to and the return of the Hoofdklasse next month.