Match schedule confirmed for ABN AMRO EHL FINAL8

The match schedule for next Easter’s ABN AMRO EHL FINAL8 has been confirmed with 20 top class matches set to take place at the Wagener Stadium, hosted by Pinoké and AH&BC Amsterdam.

The curtain will be raised by the meeting of Irish and Spanish women’s champions Loreto and Junior FC (12.30 CET) on Thursday, March 28th. Club de Campo de Madrid’s two teams will play back-to-back with their men’s team facing English newcomers Old Georgians (14.45 CET) before their women take on Mannheimer HC (17.00 CET).

Hosts Pinoké will hope to delight their home support when they face Real Club de Polo at 19.15 CET.

Day two on Friday, March 29th kicks off Belgium’s Royal Léopold facing 2023 men’s finalists Rot-Weiss Köln (13.15 CET) before three Dutch sides hit the stage. First, SCHC will take on Gantoise in the women’s competition (15.30 CET) with the G-Force fans staying on to see their men play SV Kampong (17.45 CET).

And then AH&BC Amsterdam will make their entry into the weekend when they take on East Grinstead in the women’s FINAL8 (20.00 CET).

Saturday and Sunday will both feature a men’s and women’s FINAL4 battle along with a ranking match on their schedule before all the medals will be determined on Monday, April 1st with two BRONZE MATCHES and the two GRAND FINALS playing out.

Tickets for each day of the ABN AMRO EHL FINAL8 will go on sale on Monday.

EHL FINAL8 2023-2024 Match schedule
28th March – 1st April 2024 at the Wagener Stadium, hosted by Pinoké/AH&BC Amsterdam (NED)

Thursday 28th March 2024
M1 12.30h FINAL8 (Women M1) Loreto HC vs Junior FC
M2 14.45h FINAL8 (Men M1) Old Georgians HC vs Club de Campo de Madrid
M3 17.00h FINAL8 (Women M2) Mannheimer HC vs Club de Campo de Madrid
M4 19.15h FINAL8 (Men M2) Pinoké vs Real Club de Polo

Friday 29th March 2024
M5 13.15h FINAL8 (Men M3) Royal Leopold Club vs Rot-Weiss Köln
M6 15.30h FINAL8 (Women M3) SCHC vs Gantoise HC
M7 17.45h FINAL8 (Men M4) Gantoise HC vs SV Kampong
M8 20.00h FINAL8 (Women M4) AH&BC Amsterdam vs East Grinstead HC

Saturday 30th March 2024
M9 11.30h Ranking match (Men M5) Loser Men M2 – Loser Men M1
M10 13.45h Ranking match (Women M5) Loser Women M2 – Loser Women M1
M11 16.00h FINAL4 (Men M6) Winner Men M2 – Winner Men M1
M12 18.15h FINAL4 (Women M6) Winner Women M2 – Winner Women M1

Sunday 31st March 2024
M13 10.15h Ranking match (Women M7) Loser Women M4 – Loser Women M3
M14 12.30h FINAL4 (Women M8) Winner Women M4 – Winner Women M3
M15 14.45h FINAL4 (Men M7) Winner Men M4 – Winner Men M3
M16 17.00h Ranking match (Men M8) Loser Men M4 – Loser Men M3

Monday 1st April 2024
M17 09.15h BRONZE MATCH (Women M9) Loser Women M8 – Loser Women M6
M18 11.30h BRONZE MATCH (Men M9) Loser Men M7 – Loser Men M6
M19 13.45h GRAND FINAL (Women M10) Winner Women M8 – Winner Women M6
M20 16.15h GRAND FINAL (Men M10) Winner Men M6 – Winner Men M7

Note: Match times and schedule subject to change due to the requirements of television or other factors as determined by EHL.