EHL Men KO16 Tickets now on sale

Tickets are now on sale for the EHL Men KO16 in Barcelona which takes place from October 6-8, 2023 at Real Club de Polo.

Day tickets are available to buy online for €21 for over 17s while younger fans can attend for €11 per day (inclusive of service fee, additional delivery fees may vary). This covers all matches on pitch 1 each day while the ranking games on pitch 2 will be free of charge.

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Over 30 stars from the recent EuroHockey Championships are set to be among the line-up with Polo trio Marc Reyné, Marc Recasens and Luis Calzado hoping to delight the home crowd.

The event will feature 10 of the Dutch side who won men’s Euros including the tournament’s young talent and top scorer Duco Telgenkamp. He is one of six SV Kampong players from that Oranje side; they face four of their Dutch team-mates from Bloemendaal on Saturday, October 7 who also have Belgian star Arthur Van Doren and Spain’s Marc Miralles in their panel.

Otherwise, there are over 20 further Euro stars from England, Germany, Austria, Wales and France in the mix for their clubs as the new season begins with a bang.

EHL Men KO16 (October 6-8, 2023; Real Club de Polo, Barcelona)

Ticket prices (including service fee; additional delivery costs may vary)

€21 (17+ years)

€11 (<17 years)

No ticket required for the second stadium (pitch 2).

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EHL Men KO16 fixture schedule (all times CET – pitch 1 unless stated)

Friday, October 6

M1: Waterloo Ducks HC v Banbridge HC, 11.15

M2: Old Georgians HC v Mannheimer HC, 13.30

M3: Racing Club de France v Holcombe HC, 15.45

M4: CAM 92 v Real Club de Polo, 18.00

Saturday, October 7

M5: Post SV v HC Rotweiss Wettingen, 09.45

M6: Ranking match – Loser M1 v Loser M2, 11.30 (pitch 2)

M7: Royal Leopold v Harvestehuder THC, 12.00

M8: Western Wildcats HC vs TJ Plzeň-Litice, 14.15

M9: Ranking match – Loser M3 v Loser M4, 16.00 (pitch 2)

M10: HC Bloemendaal vs SV Kampong, 16.30

Sunday, October 8

M11: KO8: Winner M1 v Winner M2, 09.45

M12: Ranking match – Loser M7 v Loser M5, 11.30 (pitch 2)

M13: KO8: Winner M3 v Winner M4, 12.00

M14: KO8: Winner M7 v Winner M5, 14.15

M15: Ranking match – Loser M10 v Loser M8, 16.00 (pitch 2)

M16: KO8: Winner M10 v Winner M8, 16.30