Leopold lead way into Belgian men’s winter break

Royal Léopold confirmed they will carry a healthy lead in the Belgian men’s Honor Division into the second half of the season following a narrow 1-0 win over Gantoise.

They lead the way by seven points from KHC Dragons with Gantoise in third, 11 points off first place after 12 rounds of fixtures.

It means a strong position for Agustin Corradini’s men following 11 wins and on draw with Tom Boon scoring 34 times. He saw a stroke saved by Tomi Santiago but duly got the winner in the 49th minute to take all the points. 

“When we play like that, we can beat everyone ,” says Elliot Van Strydonck after the game to Le Soir about a golden phase in the game which made the difference and says his side will need to continue to do this consistently when the league returns in March.

“But how do you keep the same investment for 70 minutes? How do you keep the motivation intact? That is the challenge

“We are going to work on this during the break and see how to ramp up even more during this second round to approach the playoffs in the best condition. 

“It is above all a question of mentality. It will be necessary to work on our attitude rather than the tactics and technique.”

Elsewhere, Dragons eased into the break with an 8-0 win over Uccle while Racing Club de Bruxelles are in fourth thanks to a 2-1 win over Waterloo Ducks.