Mathijssen extends contract with HC Bloemendaal

Rick Mathijssen has extended his contract with Bloemendaal in the wake of the club’s men’s Euro Hockey League success last week.

Mathijssen said the decision was an emotional one: “It was known that I had spoken to the Dutch federation about coaching of the Oranje ladies. 

“But the feeling here at Bloemendaal, with the team, the staff, the club and the village is too good to say goodbye now.”

Since taking on the role at the club, he has now won two Euro Hockey League titles and the national championship while they have topped this year’s Hoofdklasse regular season standings with two games to go.

And it is that EHL success that tipped the balance in favour of staying on for the timebeing.

“It was great the way the club experienced it. The team was picked up by bus and waved goodbye. In the evening we were received again at the club and stood there in a completely full clubhouse. It was so special to celebrate it together.”

“The challenge put forward by the KNHB was great and I hope to get the chance there again in the future. But what I have here at Bloemendaal is so great that I thought: ‘Am I really leaving here?’

“The solidarity with the team and the mutual appreciation is enormous. In addition, you don’t often get the chance to work with so much talent.”