EHL House Rules


During EHL events spectators often create a special atmosphere with flares. The EHL organization will allow the use of the flares, but within the following rules:

  • If you will use flares, you must go to the ticket office and ask for someone from the Organising Committee of EHL to inform them about your plans.
  • The use of flares is allowed only before the match until the moment the line-up starts.
    It is not allowed during any matches /or shoot-outs.
  • Make sure to stand on the top row of the stands ONLY and not in the middle of a group of people.
  • Lids must not be shot towards the pitch.
  • A maximum of 5 flares can be lit at the same time.
  • Make sure to have a bucket of water with you where the flares can be dropped in afterwards. This bucket can be asked for when informing the member of the Organising Committee.  
  • Please remember to use your common sense and think about the other spectators as well. Also remember that with hard wind, using the flares is inappropriate.
  • Listen for directions from the announcer at all times when informing about use of flares. 
  • Please note that fireworks are prohibited!
  • Using the flares during match times or where the above mentioned rules are not followed, a fine of € 500 will be opposed to the club the offender is from. 

This protocol is published on the EHL website and is also mentioned in the program book.


Possession or use of drugs is not allowed. Violation of this rule will mean confiscation of the drugs. The drugs and its owner will be handed over to the local police by the security coordinator. 


Dogs are not allowed on the premises during the duration of the event.


It is not allowed to bring own food or drinks onto the premises. Alcohol will not be served before 11.00 hrs. Alcohol will not be served to persons under 18 years of age. ID’s may be checked.
Control on self brought food or drinks is possible. Items can be confiscated by security personnel.


All garbage needs to be deposited in the garbage cans on the premises.


It is not allowed to park any cars in places where parking signs prohibit parking.

The entrance to the hockey club and to the driveways of houses in the neighbourhood the hockey club may never be blocked.

Special parking places are available for disabled people. Please request a special parking permit prior to the start of the event. Email to:

Bicycles and scooters should be parked in the special bicycle/scooter garage as indicated. Parking of bicycles and scooters against hedges is not allowed.

While entering or leaving the event premises, public order should always be respected.

Traffic may never be blocked.


All TV/film/video recordings and photography for any other purpose than use in the private sphere require permission from the organisers.


Visitors are obliged to follow instructions from the organisers. 

Entry to the stadium complex is at the ticket holder’s own risk.

EHF/EHL/KNHB/host club are not liable for any loss of property incurred by the public.


It is prohibited to smoke inside the tents. 


Upon entering the venue and during the period that they are present at the premises, all members of the public must be able to show a valid ticket (e-ticket/ wristband) and identification when requested to do so by the EHL staff/ security personnel.

It is not permitted to sell and/or pass on entry tickets to third parties for commercial purposes.

In the event of loss or theft of the entry ticket, the ticket holder will not be entitled to a replacement ticket. For any assist please go to the ticket office.

COINS (if applicable)

Coins can be bought at the Coins Sales stand(s). Refund on coins is not possible.

*In all cases where these EHL House Rules do not apply, the EHL staff will decide.