ABN AMRO U14 EHL tournaments get underway on Saturday

Saturday welcomes another new step on the EHL journey with the first girls ABN AMRO U14 tournament as six clubs start their campaign for youth glory.

Included in the first competition are, in Pool A, Harvestehuder THC representing Germany, Den Bosch lining out for the Netherlands and England’s Surbiton.

Pool B has the youth teams from Junior FC, Waterloo Ducks from Belgium and Dromore from Ireland.

The clubs represent each of the top six nations on the women’s EHL Ranking List with the sides able to qualify each by local tournaments or to be nominated by their national federation.

Each will be hoping for a finish in the top two which will assure their passage into the semi-finals on Sunday with the third place side in the three-team group contesting a playoff match for fifth overall.

The boys ABN AMRO U14 EHL follows the same format. Pool A features England’s Surbiton, Germany’s Club an der Alster and previous U14 winners SV Kampong.

In Pool B, the line-up is Atlètic Terrassa from Spain, WAC from Austria and Belgium’s Royal Leopold.

The group stages run through Saturday with the playoff games on Sunday, too.

Girls ABN AMRO U14 EHLSaturday schedule

Pool A

12.50: Harvestehuder THC v Den Bosch

15.10: Den Bosch v Surbiton

17.30: Surbiton v Harvestehuder THC

Pool B

11.30: Junior FC v Dromore

13.50: Dromore v Waterloo Ducks

16.20: Waterloo Ducks v Junior FC

Boys ABN AMRO U14 EHLSaturday schedule

Pool A

12.40: Surbiton v SV Kampong

15.00: SV Kampong v Club an der Alster

17.20: Club an der Alster v SV Kampong

Pool B

11.30: Atlètic Terrassa v Royal Leopold

14.00: WAC v Atlètic Terrassa

16.20: Royal Leopold v WAC