Warmerdam signs up with Bloemendaal for next season

Dennis Warmerdam will transfer to Bloemendaal after this season with the 27-year-old international moving from Pinoké, where he made his comeback to top hockey in 2019.

The striker’s career seemed to have ended a year earlier when he was diagnosed with a tumour in his arm. Warmerdam fought back, however, and made his Dutch debut against Belgium last autumn. A day later, in his second appearance for the national team, he scored his first international goal.

“Bloemendaal is a great opportunity,” he said of the move. “It’s such a great club, there are a lot of people around who know what it’s like to perform at the top,”

Michiel Hilders, member of the club’s Top Hockey Committee, is happy with the arrival of the attacker, saying: “Dennis is a great player, with a lot of experience in the Dutch big league. We are happy that he will be playing at ‘t Kopje in the coming years.’ 

On Thursday, Bloemendaal also extended the contracts of two other internationals, Floris Wortelboer and Maurits Visser.

Visser did not have to think twice before signing, saying: “Being able to be part of this group of hockey players and be on the field with my friends every week is amazing. Bloemendaal is the club where I grew up, I want to stay here to play for the big prizes.”

Wortelboer didn’t have to think long either. He is now in his fifth season at ‘t Kopje and is having a great time with the reigning Dutch and European champions.

“I have had a lot of bad luck with my shoulders in recent years. But they have now had surgery and that is behind me. I will do everything I can to be indispensable for my team, the club and for the Oranje squad. During that tough period, I had a lot of support from Bloemendaal and I know that something like that cannot be taken for granted. I really belong here.”

The Hoofdklasse competition will resume on March 6.