Arminen players abound in Austria’s run to gold

Eight SV Arminen players helped Austria to EuroHockey Championship II gold as they won gold in Gniezno, Poland via a shoot-out against Scotland.

Dominic Uher, Daniel Fröhlich, Lorenz Klimon, Alex Bele, Robert Bele, Mateusz Szymczyk, Michael Minar and Fulop Losonci were all part of the side that took glory.

The tournament started badly for the Austrians, falling 2-0 to Switzerland on day one, but they bounced back to beat Scotland 2-1 in the group, and made it through to the semi-finals with the final touch of their 2-1 win over Ukraine.

They duly edged out Poland in a semi-finals shoot-out before using the same route to see off Scotland. Normal time had ended 1-1 after Struan Walker’s corner hit was counter-acted by a late Dominic Uher penalty stroke.

In the shoot-out, it took until round eight for the sides to be separated when Szymczyk saved a penalty stroke and Fröhlich scored his effort for a 7-6 success.

Arminen’s crew will now look forward to and EHL showdown with Scotland’s Grange in September; the Scots will feature David Forrester and Robbie Shepherdson.

Austria’s side also featured Den Bosch’s Fabian Unterkircher and Mannheimer HC’s Moritz Frey who also have EHL fixtures on the horizon.