Hauke and Fuchs confirm decision to retire from Honamas

EHL winners Florian Fuchs and Tobias Hauke have both announced their retirements from international hockey following spectacular careers with Germany.

Double Olympic gold medalist Tobias Hauke announced his decision to step back after an immaculate career that brought gold in Beijing in 2008 and London 2012. In addition, he won European gold in 2011 and 2013 outdoors, alongside EHL gold with his club Harvestehuder THC in 2014.

“Anyone who has been so privileged to take part in the Olympic Games can understand what a show of strength the preparation for such a tournament represents and then under corona conditions,” he said on Instagram.

“And then everything went so quickly – our time in Tokyo passed very quickly and suddenly the time had come. The last game with the guys with whom I went through thick and thin for so long, given everything again for the dream of another Olympic medal.

“I didn’t waste a second thinking that this couldn’t work and then it ends just like that. To be honest, it is still cuts deep and I haven’t processed the events of the last few weeks by a long way. Still, it’s time for me to say thank you.

“The support from you over the last 14 years and, especially, in the last two difficult years has always been great. I was always very happy about every message I received. It would have been nice if you could have been there this time too.

“Big thanks to my boys, the Honamas – what a trip it was. Unbelievable! The bond and the shared experience will stay with us forever!

“I gave everything for a ‘happy ending to my personal story’, everything for an exciting final chapter,  for me, for my family and friends and for the Honamas.

“Apparently this end was not intended for my story. With a little distance and deeper insight, I will quickly understand that this last chapter is my story after all – and I will be proud of it.

“Now I’m looking forward to my time with my family and then to the time with the HTHC – see you soon.”

For 29-year-old Fuchs, he posted his confirmation on Instagram, stating: “I feel incredibly honoured to have been part of the Honamas since 2009. When I started as a skinny rookie I had no idea how much I would learn, experience, cheer, suffer and care.

“12 years later – still skinny but with longer hair – I‘m grateful for all the people I met and played with; the titles we’ve won; the titles we’ve missed; they are part of the story too.”

He was also part of the Olympic gold medal winning side in 2012 as well as landing European gold medals in 2011 and 2013. Fuchs also collected a 2016 Olympic bronze. On the club front, he has won the EHL four times, twice with UHC Hamburg, twice with HC Bloemendaal.

But his international career did not quite get the perfect send-off after 239 caps and 116 goals, a fourth place finish in Tokyo.

“Of course, I wished for a different ending in Tokyo. However, it was incredible to witness the Honamas growing together the past year and becoming a strong team. I will always be proud of that and it was worth every second of hard work.

“After much thought throughout the last months, I feel like this is the right moment to conclude my international career. I want to thank everyone who supported me on this amazing journey!”