Geens and Leopold part company after successful spell as T1

Robin Geens has finished up his coaching role with Royal Léopold following a successful four year tenure as T1, culminating in an EHL Men’s third place last month.

In a press release last week, the club stated: “The Royal Leopold Club Hockey and its coach Robin Geens have, by mutual agreement, taken this Thursday the decision to end their 6-year collaboration, first as T2, and then as T1 at the head of the DH Men team. 

“The general context that we have all been experiencing for over a year has led us to search for a new dynamic for each of us and for our men’s team in particular. 

“Leo wishes to bring in new blood and find a new dynamic, and thus continue its progress and integration of its young players.”

Geens was at the helm when the Brussels club won the Belgian championship in 2019 and finished third in the recently concluded Belgian championship.

For Geens, he told Le Soir: “We have come to the end of a cycle although I think I could still get this team to play a leading role or even aim for a title next year. 

“But the board, or part of it, may not have aligned with my vision anymore. I am frustrated but I accept this vision. I just regret the timing. This could have already been settled several weeks ago.

“I want to get back on track as soon as possible and I am therefore open to all opportunities. I have ambitions that remain intact.”