Mazkour solo strike secures Rot-Weiss the German men’s title

Elian Mazkour scored the only goal to dethrone his former club as German men’s champions as Rot-Weiss Köln won the FINAL FOUR 2021 1-0 ahead of Uhlenhorst Mülheim.

It denied Uhlenhorst a “three-peat” after their 2018 and 19 successes with Rot-Weiss landing the title for the first time since 2016.

For Rot-Weiss coach André Henning, he said: “The whole long season was very exhausting and the game fit into it. We have invested a lot and, after five years and four seasons, we really wanted it and really did a lot for it and were also rewarded with a great season and an incredibly good weekend. 

“In the semi-finals, we showed what we can do offensively, and in the final the expected defensive battle – so I’m very excited about the way the team performed today. The narrow win was also a consequence of the semi-finals.

“After a game in which we conceded four goals, we of course had to deal with it and focus on it. The good old truth applies that defense is crucial for championships. That was also the focus in the past months, we worked a lot on that. 

“For me, it is also something special that the team, which has an extreme offensive and individual quality, which has a lot of spectacular players, wins a title in the end through team spirit, unity and discipline.”

Rot-Weiss had won the semi-final 6-4, coming back from 4-2 down to beat Berliner HC while Mulheim saw off Mannheimer HC via a shoot-out after a 2-2 draw

The final was much tighter with a tactical battle decided in the 38th minute by Mazkour.

“It means an incredible amount to me,” Mazkour said. “It was the first German championship in which I was able to really play, and then to score the decisive goal as a young player is a really great feeling. 

“To have won against the ex-club does not resonate, but rather outweighs the feeling of having played a final round, scored the decisive goal and won the German championship.”