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As recently as last November, Atlètic Terrassa’s Pau Cunill had a greater chance of being part of his club’s famous Corner Groc at the EHL than playing a key role for in the FINAL4.

But an unfortunate injury to his younger brother Pepe offered the 21-year-old an opportunity he has grasped with both hands since making his bow and, all of a sudden, is currently the team’s top scorer.

“I started this season with the second team but my brother got injured,” he told the EHL website.

“We are both flickers and they needed one when he got injured. I guess I must have done ok since then. It was a pretty fast step-up because I was with the seconds for about a month this season!”

In so doing, he became the latest family member to line out at the top level for the club where he spent all his childhood.

“All my family has always been with Atlètic since my grandfather. My dad too so since I was born, I joined Atlètic. We are four brothers and so hopefully the other two join us soon!”

On the field, he scored half an hour into that debut against Jolaseta and has gone on to net 11 times in 11 league games, crucially firing home two goals against nearest rivals Club de Campo to propel the club to a four-point lead at the top of the Spanish table.

For good measure, he whipped in a last minute equaliser in the Copa del Rey sem-final and a winner in the quarter-final against Real Club de Polo.

But his chances to continue that tend may be slowed a little. Pepe was back in the line-up for the first time since his injury last weekend and duly took back over the reins, scoring a pair of goals in a 5-1 success against Giner de los Rios.

Nonetheless, Pau is happy with how the team is evolving at this stage.

“We are in a really strong position at the moment; in the middle of the season it wasn’t quite like this but we are now back in first position which is important. We are playing well but even when we don’t play well, we are getting victories which is a real quality because you don’t always play good. We are really motivated to stay at the top and in a really good place.”

And he feels it puts them in good shape to ruffle a few feathers at the EHL Men’s FINAL4, starting with a Saturday date against Uhlenhorst Mülheim with Pau hoping their far greater preparation time will provide the cohesion required.

“We know there’s an important difference between how hockey is played between Holland, Germany and Spain. Our ultimate goal is to win; we know we are outsiders but we are thinking big and going to get the win.

“Last time, they got to the KO8 and they have some big names; Lukas Windfeder is one of the best drag-flickers; guys like Julius Meyer and lots more international players. We haven’t seen exactly what shape they are in just yet.

“That’s something we have thought about. We have played consistently every week and we haven’t missed anything because of Covid, we haven’t had to reschedule anything and able to follow our plan.”

One strength the club cannot count on this time, unfortunately, is their iconic supporter’s group. The 2016 EHL KO16 in Amsterdam showcased their incredible passion in a famous wins over KHC Leuven and KHC Dragons to reach the FINAL4.

Pau joined the masses for that FINAL4 in Barcelona in what is known as Corner Groc.

 “I remember the last FINAL4 Atlètic played in Barcelona. It was amazing; I was right there throughout the whole weekend with all my friends. We did everything to cheer on the team. At that stage, it was absolutely a dream to play in the EHL. I wanted it but never expected it would be this year.

“Last year, we played King’s Cup and it was insane. Everyone cheering on the team. It would be amazing if we could have Corner Groc there. There was so much speculation about whether we could come or not. People were already making plans. If we are able celebrate something, it will be a big pity they won’t be there!”