Van Oost links up with Red Sticks in the Canaries

Waterloo Ducks defender Maxime van Oost has linked up with the Belgian Red Sticks in the Canary Islands this week as part of their preparations for the Pro League’s return in early February. 

Several senior panelists will not be in situ due to the early return of the Dutch men’s Hoofdklasse, giving the 20-year-old van Oost a chance to impress alongside the likes of Tommy Willems, William Ghislain, Nelson Onana, Maxime Lootens, Romain Delavignette, Thibeau Stockbroekx and Jérémy Wilbers. 

“I just finished my exams and I’m delighted to be able to train with the Red Lions again. This had already been the case in May and last June,” van Oost told Le Soir about the call-up and what he needs to work on. “We are currently following specific physical sessions with Wouter Blondeel, our Under-21 physical trainer. I still have to increase my muscle mass.  

Dutch-based Arthur Van Doren, Loïc Van Doren, Sebastien Dockier, Alexander Hendrickx, Thomas Briels, Thibeau Stockbroekx and Tanguy Cosyns, meanwhile, have a bust spell ahead to meet all the requirements necessary to keep playing. 

 “We will be tested three times,” said AH&BC Amsterdam striker Cosyns. “Before our departure, then on our arrival in the Netherlands and once again taking resuming our flights to Valencia on February 1, to play the two Pro League matches. But hey, by then, we will have to see if the snow comes along and that the matches are not postponed in any case.” 

The Red Lions are due in Valencia from February 3 for their two Pro League duels against Spain on February 5 and 6.