Gademan links up with Henning’s coaching team at Rot-Weiss

Pasha Gademan has joined the Rot-Weiss Köln men’s coaching team and will work alongside André Henning as they look to continue their exceptional run of results in Germany and the EHL. 

The 32-year-old will take on the new role in August, switching from Hoofdklasse club Almere after three relatively successful years for the rising club to stay in the top tier. Gademan will remain on as the Dutch Under-19 coach which he will do in tandem with Rot-Weiss. 

He is the latest new arrival for the club with Vincent Vanasch (Waterloo Ducks), Mink van der Weerden (HC Oranje-Rood) and German Under-21 international Elian Mazkour (Mannheimer HC) on board, too. 

The Bundesliga is currently scheduled to recommence on September 5 with Rot-Weiss due to play in the EHL FINAL8 from October 15-18 in Gademan’s hometown of Amsterdam. 

Head coach Henning said of the new addition: “We have been looking for a suitable candidate for a long time and now feel that it really fits perfectly. 

“We will try to rethink our trainer team. There will be no classic hierarchies, Pasha will get involved at all levels. Above all, he will have his role in the development of the boys, regardless of whether we help national players to take the last big step towards the Olympics or whether it is about the many young talents from our own youth.  

“At the same time, he has raised many strategic and tactical questions. I look forward to a lot of new things and all changes that we will initiate together.” 

Gademan added: “I am really looking forward to being part of the history of Rot-Weiss Köln. When I first met André and the club managers, I felt that our stories and paths had a strong connection.  

“With my short but rather intensive career as a hockey coach, I want to do my part to win titles and, at the same time, prepare the young talents of the club for their steps towards international hockey. ”