EHL and Scorrd team up again for Stay@Home Fantasy League with a twist

The EHL and Scorrd are coming together once again to run the first ever Hockey Manager game with the launch today of the Stay@Home Fantasy league.

Players will engage on a completely new level of entertainment as they battle against their colleagues and friends to become the best hockey manager on

Create your own EHL Dream Team and compete against your friends while staying safe @ home!

The Scorrd Stay@Home Fantasy is based on the Euro Hockey League (EHL) FINAL8. The games will not continue in reality but they definitely continue in fantasy. Due to the current circumstances, adaptations were made.

An online simulation fantasy game, based on the matches that should have been played, was created and the championship commences. The games include the 16 teams, men and women, that would have participated. The incredible talent in these teams is only going to make the competition that much more exciting!

There is a new format for 2020. Every player signs in and becomes a team manager for one men’s team, one women’s team, or both. The mini competitions are restricted to 8 teams which are either open competitions or private competitions.

Each manager, after signing up for a competition, will be allocated a draft of 11 players. The draft is done randomly and managers will receive a budget according to the drafted team.

As a manager, you will be able to sell weaker players on the transfer market in order to buy stronger ones. Managers who follow the market closely will have the best chance of winning the championship.

BUT WATCH OUT! Once a player has been bought by a manager during the competition, that player will no longer be available on the transfer market unless he is sold.

The list of players on the transfer market will be updated every day with 12 to 15 new players becoming available and up for grabs. Managers who are watching the transfer market frequently will have the best opportunity to sign world class star players.

Scores will depend on your players’ performance based on the simulated games. The scoring criteria include: the type of goal (field goal, pc goal, stroke goal), team result, cards, goals against.

All players of each team will receive bonus points based on performance; and the captain you chose for your fantasy team will receive double points. Every manager will have unlimited player transfers before and after every round.

They must always have 11 players in their team. If players are underperforming, they can be transferred and new players can be bought. Be the best manager you can be! Prove to your competition that you have the ability to build an award winning team from your sofa @ home.

Challenge all your hockey friends with the mini leagues! Who will be crowned champion of Europe? There will be a global ranking of all team managers participating. What are you waiting for? Join the Scorrd Fantasy league on