EHF re-releases European Championships on EuroHockeyTV

The EHF are delighted to announce that, from midnight on Friday 3rd April, they are re-releasing the Belfius EuroHockey Championships 2019 on
So that everyone worldwide can enjoy what was a hockey highlight of 2019, they are re-releasing the games on a 24/7 loop, FREE to all, so each game will be shown either two or three times in a 24-hour loop!
Angus Kirkland, Director General of the EHF said: “We know that fans are missing our stars, their magic and skills on the pitch, so we have partnered with Grays International to bring you once again the amazing Belfius EuroHockey Championships, RELIVE from Antwerp.

“We have thousands of hours of hockey on EHTV, but the recent Championships really was a special event!
“So set your alarms, gather your family around the TV, spread the word, enjoy the games and cheer on your team from the safety of your home.
“We can’t promise different results, but we do promise that you will be mesmerized by the performances!!!”
Schedule of the games on

Belfius EuroHockey Championship, Men
Match NumberPool /ClassificationLineUpRELIVE date 
1Pool ABelgium v Spain4th April 
2Pool AEngland v Wales4th April 
3Pool BGermany v Soctland4th April 
4Pool BNetherlands v Ireland6th April 
5Pool ASpain v Wales6th April 
6Pool BIreland v Scotland6th April 
7Pool AEngland v Belgium8th April 
8Pool BGermany v Netherlands8th April 
9Pool ASpain v England8th April 
10Pool BIreland v Germany10th April 
11Pool BNetherlands v Scotland10th April 
12Pool ABelgium v Wales10th April 
13Pool CWales v Scotland12th Apri 
14Pool CEngland v Ireland12th April 
17Pool CEngland v Scotland12th April 
18Pool CIreland v Wales12th April 
16Semi Final 2Netherlands v Spain14th April 
15Semi Final 1Belgium v Germany14th April 
193rd/4th PlaceGermany v Netherlands16th April 
20FinalBelgium v Spain16th April 

Schedule of the games on

Belfius EuroHockey Championship – Women

Match NumberPool / ClassificationLineUpRELIVE date
1Pool ASpain v Russia5th April
2Pool ANetherlands v Belgium5th April
3Pool BGermany v Belarus5th April
4Pool BEngland v Ireland7th April
5Pool BGermany v England7th April
6Pool BIreland v Belarus7th April
7Pool ASpain v Netherlands9th April
8Pool ABelgium v Russia9th April
9Pool BEngland v Belarus9th April
10Pool BIreland v Germany11th April
11Pool ANetherlands v Russia11th April
12Pool ABelgium v Spain11th April
13Pool CRussia v Belarus13th April
14Pool CBelgium v Ireland13th April
17Pool CBelgium v Belarus13th April
18Pool CIreland v Russia13th April
15Semi Final 1Spain v Germany15th April
16Semi Final 2England v Netherlands15th April
193rd/4th PlaceSpain v England17th April
20FinalGermany v Netherlands17th April