Van Doren extends contract with Bloemendaal

Arthur van Doren has confirmed he will extend his stay at HC Bloemendaal with Glenn Schuurman, Floris Wortelboer and Florian Fuchs also confirming they will extend their stays at the club beyond the current season.

On the other hand, Mats de Groot and Oliver Polkamp have indicated that they will stop playing top hockey after this season and give priority to their working career.

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De Groot has had seven successful seasons with Bloemendaal as a reliable and highly appreciated member of their defence. Polkamp joined the club this season following many years with HC Rotterdam and one season with Hurley.

Top hockey board member Pepijn Post says he is delighted to keep a good chunk of the club’s big names together into the future: “When the first official ball rolled in September, Flop [Floris Jan Bovelander]  and I start thinking and taking actions for the following season. To stay at the top, it is always important to keep the group together, but also always be qualitatively improved.

“First of all, we are of course happy with the extension of Arthur; he is the most eye-catching and sought after player of the world at the moment. Of course, we are also looking further to talented reinforcements from outside the club but we are also actively working on the development of four talents from the current JA1.

“We understand and respect that Mats and Oliver put an end to their career. Mats, in particular, has had a fantastic period at Bloemendaal.

“With Glenn [Schuurman] and Roel [Bovendeert], he is the longest playing player in the current group. Mats has been invaluable inside and outside the field. We look forward to crowning the season with him and his career in April and May.”