UHC’s Janne Müller-Wieland to build a “hockey forest” to offset carbon footprint

UHC Hamburg’s Janne Müller-Wieland is looking to build a “hockey forest” as a measure to offset the carbon footprint that is created by the demands of the sport’s growing schedule.

On her Go Fund Me page created along with fellow German internationals Nike Lorenz and Anne Schröder along with Delf Ness, they have already raised over €5,000 for the project and are encouraging others to support.

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“Last year, the FIH Pro League changed a lot for us, the German women’s national team – and the whole hockey world,” they say on the Go Fund Me site. 

“The new format, a world league, required us to travel the world from Germany via Australia and New Zealand to Argentina, each for one game. 

“The FIH have already reacted and changed the format for this year so our travel is halved by playing two matches at each venue but our carbon footprint is still too high. Even the average CO2 consumption of humans is currently far too high.

“We are aware of our CO2 emissions and our responsibility for our planet and therefore want to act now: We are planting a Hockey Forest! With the help of the Grootbos Foundation we will be planting trees during our next camp in South Africa to offset CO2 emissions.

“This forest will of course also be available for other nations, hockey players, fans and supporters. So if you want to do something about your carbon footprint – join us and plant your tree in the hockey forest!

“Each tree costs € 25. We make sure that your trees are planted in our hockey forest and send a certificate with the coordinates of the trees. All trees that are donated before January 31, 2020 will probably even be planted by us personally!

“We are aware that we can hardly offset our entire CO2 emissions with this forest, but we also don’t want to let this stop us from starting. We hope that many other nations, athletes and supporters will join us and that we can make a contribution to climate protection.

“Our goal is to plant 2020 trees in the Olympic year … So let’s go!”

** You can see Janne Müller-Wieland in action at the EHL FINAL8 at Easter in Amsterdam; click here to get your tickets!