De Nooijer to link up with Reckinger’s German women for Tokyo 2020 vision

German women’s coach Xavier Reckinger has added Dutch legend Teun de Nooijer to his crew for their Road to Tokyo.

The 43-year-old played 453 times for the Netherlands, scoring 219 goals en route to two Olympic gold medals as well as world and European championship titles along with two victories in the Euro Hockey League with HC Bloemendaal.

“I am very happy that there is the opportunity to include such an outstanding hockey personality as Teun de Nooijer in the women’s Olympic preparations,” said Marie-Theres Gnauert, DHB vice-president. 

“I think everyone in the world who is into hockey knows and appreciates his qualities on and off the pitch. The fact that he has committed to Xavier Reckinger also underlines the good work that Reck is doing with DANAS and the good reputation the team has acquired internationally.”

Reckinger added: “For the preparation for the Olympics, it was important for me to bring in consistency in order to create a common thread to our development. 

“I needed expertise in midfield since we already have good experts in the storm and the defense – international, preferably Olympic, experience was the most important criteria.”

“It’s always appealing and good for your own development to also work abroad,” de Nooijer said about the move. “In addition, the German women are a team with huge potential.”

He takes on the role in tandem with his job at the international recruitment consultancy McDermott & Bull Europe.

“It works wonderfully because our company wants to expand its activities to the German market and in the future wants to open several offices in Germany. It’s a win-win situation, so to speak.” 

De Nooijer has further German connections with his wife Philippa a native of Hamburg who played 149 times for the country, winning – among other things – the World Cup bronze in 1998