Mannheim’s ROUND1 experience to serve them well against Kazan

©: Dirk Markgraf

Mannheimer HC’s Michael McCann says the German club’s first round experience will stand to them when they come up against Dinamo Kazan in the EHL KO16.

The German side made it through ROUND1 with a 7-2 win over Dinamo Elektrostal before getting the 1-1 draw they needed against Wimbledon to go on to the KO16.

Next for them is a game with Kazan and, should they make it through, set up a game with either Eindhoven hosts HC Oranje-Rood or Uhlenhorst Mulheim in the KO8.

"We were fortunate to have the Russian experience in Barcelona against Elektrostal which should assist us for our match against Kazan who have been the last 12 years in the EHL,” McCann said.

“It’s gonna be a tough challenge because all the teams in the KO16 deserve to be there. If we are lucky enough to get through Kazan, then we are looking forward to play a German KO8 or a clash against the hosts like we did last year against Rotterdam."

Mannheim endured a tough weekend to close out the first half of their season after a tiring spell of 16 games in nine weeks. They drew with Mulheim on Saturday 3-3 and then lost 4-3 on Sunday to Krefeld to end the first half of the campaign in second place behind Rot-Weiss Koln.

" We wanted to go into the winter break with confidence but that's not so easy anymore. The long, intense season with EHL, 16 games in nine weeks and long trips was perhaps one of the causes. It was hard.”