Kampong celebrates their four retiring heroes

©: Frank Uijlenbroek/world Sport Pics

On Saturday, SV Kampong will celebrate the careers of their retiring quartet Sjoerd De Wert, Philip Meulenbroek, Constantijn Jonker and Quirijn Caspers.

At 3pm, the current Kampong first team will line out against a Kampong All Stars and world XI team. The All Star line-up will feature players like club icon Arnaud Naeff, legendary Kampong legends Roderick Weusthof, Erik Bouwens, and the older brothers of Jonker and Caspers.

In the world team, top international stars like Valentin Verga, Billy Bakker, Klass Vermeulen, Rogier Hofman and Teun Rohof.

For the kids, there will be a bouncy castle and all are welcome to the Klapperboom for a special celebration for four heroes who helped bring EHL and Hoofdklasse glory to Utrecht in the last few seasons.