Genestet’s super six on opening day for Saint Germain

©: Frank Uijlenbroek / World Sport Pics

Martin Genestet scored a sensational six times as Saint Germain started the new French season with an 8-2 win for the French champions over Amiens.

It came in addition to goals from Guillaume Deront and Kevin Mercurio as they got their campaign rolling in some style against the newly promoted opponent.

Saint Ger have seen key man Hugo Genestet move to Daring in Belgium this season but showed up well in their opening salvo for the season.

Their big rivals Racing Club de France also scored a big win on the opening day with Christophe Peters-Deutz scoring a hat trick against Wattignies.

17-year-old Hugo Galipo has stepped up, scoring another as did Amaury Bellenger. Theirs is a much-changed squad from last season with Francois Scheefer returning to his old club, Bordeaux.

They will play in EHL ROUND1 in October where they are in a group with both Three Rock Rovers and Spanish side Junior FC.

CA Montrouge were the other winners on the day, winning 3-1 at Stade Francais. The other games were 1-1 draws as Lille and Polo HCM tied as did Valenciennes and last year’s finalists FC Lyon.