Match Details

3 - 5
03 Jun 15:00 CET
Brasschaat, Belgium


'24 Florian Adrians (8) - FG
'27 Jonas Gomoll (14) - FG
'28 Mathias Müller (27) - PC
'46 Marco Miltkau (22) - FG
'57 Tom Grambusch (15) - PC
'58 Alexander Hendrickx (16) - PC
'58 Florent van Aubel (11) - FG
'59 Timothy Luyten (21) - FG


'28 Thomas Briels
'43 Christopher Zeller
'57 Jeffrey Thys

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Match report

Rot-Weiss Köln 5 (F Adrians, J Gomoll, M Müller, M Miltkau, T Grambusch) KHC Dragons 3 (A Hendrickx, F van Aubel, T Luyten)

Rot-Weiss Köln produced a brilliant second quarter performance to beat KHC Dragons 5-3 and guarantee their first ever medal from the EHL.

Indeed, it was a magical four minute spell in the second quarter, scoring three times in succession. Florian Adrians got the first, touching in at the right post after a blistering pass from Matthias Müller from 35 metres out.

The second was a Jonas Gomoll thunderbolt from the top of the circle and he snapped up the ball from a defensive slip for 2-0. Then, from their third corner of the period, Müller swept in – despite Loic van Doren’s best efforts – from the injection spot for a 3-0 half-time lead.

They kept it that way in the third quarter, keeping out the best Dragons could throw at them with Florent van Aubel’s effort the pick of them.

Rot-Weiss, though, killed off the game entirely when Marco Miltkau guided in the fourth goal, ramping the ball into the roof of the net. Florian Scholten intercepted a loose clearance and returned the ball back to Moritz Trompertz who cleverly fired his shot to the right of goal where Miltkau was waiting to score.

Tom Grambusch added a late corner to make it 5-0. Dragons produced an incredible run of three goals in three minutes with Alex Hendrickx’s corner, Florent van Aubel’s crackers and another from Timothy Luyten to reduce the gap.

But they could not deny Rot-Weiss their first ever berth in the EHL GRAND FINAL.


KHC Dragons

3 Arthur van Doren
4 Jeremy Celis
6 Fabrice Van Bockrijck
7 Robbert Rubens
10 Thomas Briels
11 Florent van Aubel
13 Thomas Verheijen
14 Loic van Doren
15 Mathieu Rombouts
16 Alexander Hendrickx
18 Jeffrey Thys
19 Felix Denayer
20 Thibaud van der Putten
21 Timothy Luyten
23 Henri Raes
24 Louis-Philippe Stevens
25 Sebastiaan Geers
26 Thibault Thomas
27 Koen de Waal
28 Sebastien Heymans
29 Anthony Buytaert
30 Stephen Butler
30 Matthias Dierckens
32 Emmanuel Leroy

Rot-Weiss Koln

Mats Grambusch 3
Kai Aichinger 5
Alexander Schöllkopf 7
Florian Adrians 8
Martin Chorus 9
Moritz Trompertz 10
Florian Scholten 11
Henning Hüttermann 13
Jonas Gomoll 14
Tom Grambusch 15
Hendrik Schwarzer 16
Christopher Rühr 17
Christopher Zeller 19
Marcel Meurer 20
Jan Fleckhaus 21
Marco Miltkau 22
Timur Oruz 23
Mathias Müller 27
Victor Aly 30
Peter Schlich 32