Match Details

5 - 2
05 Oct 18:00 CET
Pau Negre Stadium, Barcelona


'9 () - FG
'22 () - PS
'26 () - FG
'27 () - FG
'29 () - FG
'30 () - FG
'50 () - FG



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Match report

Wimbledon produced an exceptional first half performance to beat Dinamo Elektrostal and set up a potential group decider with Mannheimer HC.

Eugene Malthouse set them on their way with a lovely turn and shot in the seventh minute to break the deadlock. Dinamo looked dangerous on the break in the second quarter but once they went two goals behind, they fell apart to a certain extent.

It came from an Iain Lewers penalty stroke after a corner ended up hitting a body on the line. From there, Wimbledon were able to pick apart the Russians with their superior speed on the move.

Jonathan Codling got the third when he tipped in at the near post and Ian Sloan cleaned up a mid-circle chance which Dinamo were unable to clear.

Phil Roper got a beautiful fifth goal when he intercepted a crossfield overheard, not waiting for the ball to full drop as he volleyed home a glorious shot for 5-0.

Nikita Dvoretskii scrambled one in just before half-time but it already looked like the result was beyond Elektrostal. The third quarter saw a stalemate with the score remaining 5-1 into the final quarter.

And they got another back with 10 minutes to go with Mikhail Proskuriakov cutting in from the left and sneaking a shot past James Bailey’s stick side but the unlikely comeback was too far away from becoming a reality.

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Dinamo Elektrostal

Anton Noshin 1
Evgenii Mokrousov 2
Evgeny Artemov 3
Dmitrii Kuraev 4
Mikhail Proskuriakov 5
Zakhar Zaytsev 6
Alexander Zhirkov 7
Georgii Arusiia 8
Ilya Larikov 9
Aleksei Godenkov 10
Daniil Karagodin 11
Nikita Dvoretskii 12
Arseniy Okishev 13
Marat Khairullin 14
Mikhail Nekliudov 15
Matvei Spichkin 16
Andrey Kuraev 17
Roman Rogov 18
Iaroslav Loginov 19
Nikolai Bondariuk 20
Igor Shilkov 21
Ivan Zuikov 22
Dmitry Laptev 23
Sergey Lepeshkin 27