Match Details

4 - 1
05 Oct 13:30 CET
Pau Negre Stadium, Barcelona


'4 Philip Schmidt (3) - PC
'17 Alexander Bele (8) - FG
'28 Alexander Bele (8) - FG
'33 Patrick Schmidt (11) - FG
'40 Jacob Tweedie (12) - FG


'16 Frank Ryan
'30 Philip Schmidt
'57 Clemens Rusnjak

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Match report

SV Arminen picked off Grange with a dominant performance to start their EHL campaign in brilliant fashion, beating the Scots with something to spare.

It was built around three first half goals with Philip Schmidt’s corner deflection from a Patrick Schmidt drag-flick got them in front with just four minutes played of the tie.

Grange almost had an instant response when Cammy Fraser went inches wide while a corner shot hit the cross-bar and Dylan Bean’s innovative flick looped just over.

Alexander Bele then took over, the stylish attacker latching onto a reverse-stick cross and then produced some lovely stickwork before unleashing a reverse into the goal, 2-0 after 16 minutes.

Bele was at it again just before half-time as Arminen got a lot of joy from long passes that caught Grange on their heels. Michael Minar’s long overheads were a feature one made it through to Bele one-on-one which he applied a delightful lobbed finish to.

After half-time, it was Patrick Schmidt’s turn to race in behind the last defender and slap in by the out-rushing Douglas Gourlay. That made it 4-0 three minutes into the second half.

The Scottish side fought back with 17-year-old Jacob Tweedie getting a nice touch to Bean’s cross to pull one goal back.

Arminen missed out on the chance to move further ahead when Patrick Schmidt’s penalty stroke hit the inside of the post and bounced out but they were well clear and recorded a strong win to start their weekend.

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SV Arminen

1 Michael Mäntler
2 Lorenz Klimon
3 Philip Schmidt
4 Andreas Kapounek
5 Sebastian Eitenberger
6 Robert Mäntler
7 Dariusz Rachwalski
8 Alexander Bele
9 Paul Trnka
10 Daniel Fröhlich
11 Patrick Schmidt
12 Jakob Kregsamer
13 Pit Rudofsky
14 Manuel Grandits
16 Michael Minar
17 Adrian Breuss
18 Konstantin Klimon
19 Paul Kramer
20 Alistair Stenfert
21 Robert Bele
22 Maximilian Hahnenkamp
23 Lucas Loser
24 Gregor Braunegg
25 Dorian Hammerl
26 Stefan Novakovic
28 Sebastian Wladysiak
29 Fülöp Losonci
30 Simon Scherf
31 Markus Hellwagner

Grange HC

Tario Ahlers 0
Douglas Gourlay 1
Ralph Weissen 2
Alasdair Irvine 3
Robbie Shepherdson 4
Andy Graham 5
Gregory Hopkinson 6
Cameron Fraser 7
Daniel Coultas 8
Callum Milne 9
Frank Ryan 10
Todd Mills 11
Jacob Tweedie 12
John McCluskey 14
Ritchie McCluskey 16
Alan Johnston 17
Clemens Rusnjak 18
Michael McKenzie 19
Dylan Bean 20
Charlie Gates 21
Duncan Riddell 22
Alex Riddell 23
James Nairn 25
Lucas Grubb 26
Simon Naughtin 27
Jonathan Hawley 28
Tom Foulds 29
Jonathan Baird 31
Murray Caughey 32