Match Details

3 - 1
06 Oct 12:15 CET
Pau Negre Stadium, Barcelona


'5 Kane Russell (4) - PC
'19 Kane Russell (4) - PC
'25 Tanguy Zimmer (14) - PS
'56 Artur Mikula (18) - FG


'19 Tomasz Marcinkowski
'29 Dorian Thiéry
'52 Michal Poltaszewski

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Match report

Royal Leopold took a significant step toward qualifying for the EHL KO16 as their set-piece machine put them on course for victory over WKS Grunwald Poznan.

Kane Russell struck twice in the first 20 minutes from Leo’s first two corners while another drag-flick ended up hitting a Polish body on the line. That gave Tanguy Zimmer the chance to add the third goal from the penalty spot, making it 3-0 at half-time.

The Belgian club always looked the sharper outfit with their swift stickwork and intricate passing creating numerous opportunities. Goalkeeper Mateusz Popiolowski produced a number of world-class saves to keep the scoreline down.

He was swapped out for Rafal Banaszak in the second half and he kept his sheet clean in the third quarter as Grunwald got a greater grip on the game.

Indeed, the Polish club got a brilliant goal with four minutes to go when Tomasz Dutkiewicz’s long overhead was batted back from the baseline by Mateusz Hulboj into the path of Artur Mikula who volleyed home first time.

It earned Grunwald what might be an important losing bonus point, one which lifts them above Leopold overnight. The Belgians, though, have a game left to play against HC Minsk and so a draw or better on Sunday will see them advance.

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Royal Leopold HC

1 Lionel Geusen
2 Dorian Thiéry
3 Romain Henet
4 Kane Russell
5 Max Muschs
6 Dylan Englebert
7 Arthur Verdussen
8 Gaspard Baumgarten
9 John Verdussen
10 Dimitri Cuvelier
11 Archibald de Kepper
12 Corentin De Trez
13 Tom Degroote
14 Tanguy Zimmer
15 Felix Deleuze
16 Maxime Groeteclaes
17 Nicolas Poncelet
18 Jean-Baptiste Forgues
19 Maximilien Bienfet
20 Aristide Coisne
21 Francois Sior
22 Thomas Hanne
23 Alexis Lemaire
24 Manuel Brunet
25 Tijmen Sakkers
26 Gilles Rigaux
27 Lewis Eaton
28 Vincent Deneumostier
29 Nathan Delos

WKS Grunwald Poznan

Mateusz Popiołkowski 1
Paweł Bratkowski 2
Ryszard Wiśniewski 3
Szymon Hutek 5
Robert Grzeszczak 7
Mikolaj Gumny 8
Mateusz Poltaszewski 9
Tomasz Dutkiewicz 10
Mirosław Kluczynski 12
Artur Dziala 13
Mateusz Hulboj 15
Mikołaj Głowacki 17
Artur Mikula 18
Tomasz Marcinkowski 19
Jakub Janicki 20
Karol Majchrzak 22
Piotr Kozlowski 23
Adrian Krokosz 25
Michał Kasprzyk 26
Michal Poltaszewski 29
Rafal Banaszak 32