Match Details

5 - 0
07 Oct 11:30 CET
Pau Negre Stadium, Barcelona


'33 Kane Russell (4) - PC
'46 Tom Degroote (13) - FG
'49 Gaspard Baumgarten (8) - FG
'59 Gaspard Baumgarten (8) - FG
'59 Tom Degroote (13) - PS


'12 Max Muschs
'21 Corentin De Trez
'23 Aliaksandr Korsik

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Match report

Royal Leopold shook off a strong challenge from HC Minsk to take their place in the KO16, adding their second win to an initial 3-1 success over WKS Grunwald Poznan.

Indeed, the Belarus side had more of the game in the first quarter, taking the challenge to the Belgians as they chased a two-goal lead that could possibly send them through.

Indeed, had they a little more accuracy in the attacking zone, they might have gone ahead on a couple of occasions. Leo awoke from their Sunday morning slumber to some extent in the second quarter with Gaspard Baumgarten firing a warning shot, Iaroslav Hordey spectacularly tipping over the bar.

Illia Kryshchanovichk just missed out on an equaliser when he dived to tip in a speedy attack down the right while Tom Degroote saw another powerful shot tipped over the bar.

The breakthrough did eventually come in the second half when Kane Russell scored his third goal of the weekend from a penalty corner. Hordey continued to boot away saves in unorthodox fashion but he was unable to keep out Degroote in the final quarter when he rounded the keeper and shot home on his reverse.

Baumgarten then walked in the fourth goal with less than two minutes to go and Degroote nailed a penalty stroke.

"The first half was very complicated," said Tom Degroote told the Hockey Belgium website. “We did not manage our game well. Our coach, Robin Geens, made some strong points at half-time and we finally dared to play forward and develop our game.

“It was such a difference between the two halves. We must be much more consistent. This is played out in the head and that's really our focus for the next few weeks. This European weekend has done us the greatest good before playing four important matches in the Belgian league before the break."

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Royal Leopold HC

1 Lionel Geusen
2 Dorian Thiéry
3 Romain Henet
4 Kane Russell
5 Max Muschs
6 Dylan Englebert
7 Arthur Verdussen
8 Gaspard Baumgarten
9 John Verdussen
10 Dimitri Cuvelier
11 Archibald de Kepper
12 Corentin De Trez
13 Tom Degroote
14 Tanguy Zimmer
15 Felix Deleuze
16 Maxime Groeteclaes
17 Nicolas Poncelet
18 Jean-Baptiste Forgues
19 Maximilien Bienfet
20 Aristide Coisne
21 Francois Sior
22 Thomas Hanne
23 Alexis Lemaire
24 Manuel Brunet
25 Tijmen Sakkers
26 Gilles Rigaux
27 Lewis Eaton
28 Vincent Deneumostier
29 Nathan Delos

HC Minsk

Iaroslav Hordey 1
Andrei Salin 2
Yauheni Kavalski 3
Bohdan Kovalenko 4
Pavel Sidarau 5
Aliaksandr Hancharou 6
Ivan Liakh 7
Yauheni Mikheichyk 9
Uladzislau Belavusau 10
Ivan Lutsevich 11
Illia Krysiuk 13
Illia Kryshchanovich 14
Illia Sanko 16
Uladzislau Kochkin 17
Artsiom Vighel 18
Dzianis Khatyliou 19
Aliaksei Ramanishkin 20
Dmytro Luppa 21
Dzmitry Shkuryn 22
Tsimur Tsimashkou 23
Kiryl Lysy 24
Yan Tsialiatnikau 25
Aliaksandr Korsik 26
Arseniy Kolosovskiy 27
Andrei Belavusau 28
Dzmitry Krot 29
Uladzislau Shafranski 30
Maksim Khaladzinski 32