Match Details

0 - 6
05 Oct 15:45 CET
Pau Negre Stadium, Barcelona


'27 Conor Empey (7) - FG
'36 Daragh Walsh (14) - PC
'50 Michael Darling (10) - PC
'52 Michael Darling (10) - FG
'56 Mark English (19) - FG
'57 Ross Canning (9) - FG


'51 Amaury Bellenger
'52 Jody Hosking
'59 Alastair Haughton

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Match report

Three Rock Rovers produced the biggest win by an Irish club in Euro Hockey League history as they smashed Racing Club de France 6-0, giving them a great shot at reaching the KO16 in Barcelona.

It was tighter, though, than the scoreline suggests as Rovers edged into a 1-0 half-time lead thanks to Conor Empey’s accurate shot.

Daragh Walsh’s corner deflection gave them some breathing room before they ran riot in the last quarter with Mitch Darling adding a double with Mark English and Ross Canning scoring in the last five minutes.

It means a win against Spanish hosts Junior FC on Saturday afternoon will see Rovers through to the knock-out KO16 rounds next Easter.

“The late goals probably sugar-coated it a little,” Darling said after the win. “It was a tight enough affair but it does give us extra confidence going into tomorrow. It’s all guns blazing now.

“We have been playing good hockey but the finishing touch hasn’t been there. It was today and what a stage to do it.”

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Racing Club de France

1 Antoine Croutte
2 Baptiste Gosset
3 Nicolas Martin-Brisac
4 Dylan Dominik
5 Olivier Poulain
6 Jean-Laurent Kieffer
7 Adria Romy
8 Simon Martin-Brisac
9 Benjamin Lahaut
10 Leon Charles-Tijmens
11 Alastair Haughton
12 Charles Vochel
13 Jules Francotte
15 Jolyon Summers
17 Christophe Peters-Deutz
18 Karl-Victor Merle
19 Alvaro Turull
20 Célestin Duchesne
21 Henrik Fett
22 Cyprien Fermaut
23 Adrien Coffigniez
24 Amaury Bellenger
25 Hugo Galipo
27 Thibault Fouquet

Three Rock Rovers

Luke Campion 0
Nick Judge 0
James Carr 1
David Kane 2
Ravin Nair 3
Peter Blakeney 4
Matthew Walker 6
Conor Empey 7
John Mullins 8
Ross Canning 9
Michael Darling 10
Ben Walker 11
Luke Madeley 13
Daragh Walsh 14
Kevin Mullins 15
Robert McCollum 16
Harry Morris 17
Jody Hosking 18
Mark English 19
Jack McAlister 21
Alex Flynn 23
Harry MacMahon 24
Ben McCrea 25
Shane O'Brien 26
Shane Madeley 28
Luke Adams 29
Alistair Empey 30
Harry Lynch 31
Ed Simpson 32