Match Details

1 - 1
06 Oct 16:45 CET
Pau Negre Stadium, Barcelona


'53 Sergi Enrique (3) - PC
'59 Luke Madeley (13) - PC


'6 Gabriel Dabanch
'15 Ross Canning
'41 Oriol Salvador
'45 Conor Empey

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Match report

A dramatic final quarter means it is all to play for on Sunday as Luke Madeley’s equaliser with 70 seconds to go earned Three Rock Rovers a 1-1 draw with Junior FC.

It means that the pressure is on Junior to run up a total of at least six goals on Sunday against already eliminated Racing Club de France if they are to have a chance of reaching the KO16 for the first time.

There was very little between the two teams throughout their battle at the Pau Negre Stadium. Junior had the first shot in anger as Alex Gil saw his shot booted away by Jamie Carr while Harry MacMahon put in a blockbuster tackle to deny another Junior attack.

Rovers were always their equal, though, and they won a couple of corners in the second quarter which the Sant Cugat club dealt with to keep the scoreboard blank.

Into the second half, it remained very close with few chances in the third quarter. Gil fired his second drag-flick wide and John Mullins went close when he reacted quickest to a mistake, his shot fizzing by the right post.

But, as Rovers tired following two games in 25 hours, Junior looked to have taken full advantage when Sergi Enrique powered home a corner.

The Irish club swapped out their goalkeeper for an extra outfielder and, after some patient passing, a ball into the circle came off a body. Madeley duly stepped up to score with a low drag into the backboard and the draw.

It means that Three Rock move to seven points with Junior on two, meaning they must score at least six goals to have a chance of going through while Rovers will wait to see the result.

If Junior win by more than six goals, they will go through while a win by six goals - while scoring seven or more - also sees them advance. Should it end 6-0, the difference will be decided by who scored more field goals with Rovers leading that count by four at the moment.

“It was a mad game,” Madeley said afterwards. “We were in it the whole way through and unfortunate to go 1-0 down but we kept fighting and it shows the character of the team to come back.

“It’s tough in the heat – we are not used to that back home – but we pushed hard and I guess we have to be happy with the draw. There’s nothing more we can do about it now.”

Moments before the Junior goal, Madeley was looking to take a short water break but was able to get back into the action to score the key goal.

“I was pretty tired alright; I am not going to lie! Just got myself back on and the lads were able to win that corner and I just did my job.”

And he is particularly delighted to be part of the EHL, a competition in which Three Rock are looking to become more regular visitors.

“You dream of playing in the EHL; it’s why you push so hard in the Irish league. When you get here, you have got to make the most of it. Yesterday, was a really good team performance in the second half and today we just ground it out. We’ll see what happens.”

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Junior FC

1 Francesc Mata
2 Bautista Consul
3 Sergi Enrique
4 Pablo Luna
5 Marc Serrahima
6 Andreu Salles
7 Oriol Bozal
8 Mauro Coria
9 Gerard Garcia
10 Javier Garcia
11 Alex Gil
12 Frank Di Mercurio
13 Nil Mari
14 Oriol Salvador
15 Oriol Serrahima
16 Albert Pérez
17 Ignasi Prat
18 Ferran Saborit
19 Marcel Malgosa
20 Gabriel Dabanch
21 Lucas Garcia
22 Alvaro Alonso
23 Guillem Muñoz
24 Guillem Saborit
25 Ferran Vila
27 Alex Pastor
29 Marc Perellon
31 Lukas Plochy
32 Oriol Malgosa

Three Rock Rovers

Luke Campion 0
Nick Judge 0
James Carr 1
David Kane 2
Ravin Nair 3
Peter Blakeney 4
Matthew Walker 6
Conor Empey 7
John Mullins 8
Ross Canning 9
Michael Darling 10
Ben Walker 11
Luke Madeley 13
Daragh Walsh 14
Kevin Mullins 15
Robert McCollum 16
Harry Morris 17
Jody Hosking 18
Mark English 19
Jack McAlister 21
Alex Flynn 23
Harry MacMahon 24
Ben McCrea 25
Shane O'Brien 26
Shane Madeley 28
Luke Adams 29
Alistair Empey 30
Harry Lynch 31
Ed Simpson 32