Match Details

2 - 1
07 Oct 13:45 CET
Pau Negre Stadium, Barcelona


'14 Benjamin Stanzl (13) - FG
'18 Alexander Bele (8) - FG
'22 Benjamin Stanzl (13) - FG


'27 Manuel Grandits
'30 Robert Bele

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Match report

Two goals from Austrian superstar Benjamin Stanzl against his countrymen saw HC Oranje-Rood beat SV Arminen to secure top spot in Pool A and advance to the KO16 which they will host.

“It was not our best game,” Stanzl said after the game. “We created a lot of chances but it was still tight. They had a good chance at the end and it was never easy but I think we showed some good hockey.”

His goals both came as the last part of a team move, providing a simple touch but they are always enjoyable to score.

“Lucky me that I scored the two goals but they are some of the easier ones; EHL is always a highlight for us, even if it is the first round. These are international games and the big aim was the KO16 in Eindhoven.”

It also meant some bragging rights over one of his rivals who used to always get the better of his club in the Austrian league.

“When I was with Post, I didn’t play a lot against them at senior but we always lost. They were the big rivals and they did a good job for Austrian hockey.”

Stanzl volleyed home from close range in the first quarter for the opening goal following an excellent Thomas Briels run down the right baseline, flipping the ball over goalkeeper Michael Mantler.

But Arminen were not to be beaten easily and they duly fought back and got on the scoreboard via Alexander Bele when he finished off from the right of the circle.

Stanzl did restore the advantage before half-time with another tap-in for a 2-1 lead. They had many chances in the third and fourth quarter to extend the lead with Mantler’s goal peppered with shots but they could not move out of sight, meaning Arminen still had hope.

They needed a win, however, and when Pirmin Blaak kept out a penalty corner in the last two minutes, that appeared to be the end of their challenge.

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HC Oranje-Rood

1 Mark Jenniskens
6 Rashid Mehmood
7 Rizwan Muhammad
9 Jim van de Venne
10 Thomas Briels
11 Mink van der Weerden
12 Gijs van Merriënboer
13 Benjamin Stanzl
14 Nicolaas van der Schoot
15 Bodie Berenos
16 Mark Rijkers
17 Teun Beins
18 Rob Reckers
19 Bob de Voogd
20 Max de Bie
21 Max Kuijpers
22 Lucas Martinez
23 Joep de Mol
24 Robert van der Horst
25 Bram Huijbregts
26 Pirmin Blaak
28 Sheldon Schouten
29 Daan Niesen
30 Maurits Hoogbergen
31 Thijs Janssen
32 Sander van Berkel

SV Arminen

Michael Mäntler 1
Lorenz Klimon 2
Philip Schmidt 3
Andreas Kapounek 4
Sebastian Eitenberger 5
Robert Mäntler 6
Dariusz Rachwalski 7
Alexander Bele 8
Paul Trnka 9
Daniel Fröhlich 10
Patrick Schmidt 11
Jakob Kregsamer 12
Pit Rudofsky 13
Manuel Grandits 14
Michael Minar 16
Adrian Breuss 17
Konstantin Klimon 18
Paul Kramer 19
Alistair Stenfert 20
Robert Bele 21
Maximilian Hahnenkamp 22
Lucas Loser 23
Gregor Braunegg 24
Dorian Hammerl 25
Stefan Novakovic 26
Sebastian Wladysiak 28
Fülöp Losonci 29
Simon Scherf 30
Markus Hellwagner 31