Match Details

7 - 2
06 Oct 19:00 CET
Pau Negre Stadium, Barcelona


'7 Nikita Dvoretskii (12) - FG
'17 Gonzalo Peillat (2) - PC
'32 Gonzalo Peillat (2) - PC
'34 Tino Nguyen (7) - PC
'46 Felix Schües (19) - FG
'50 Guido Barreiros (26) - FG
'53 Lucas Vila (12) - FG
'59 Ilya Larikov (9) - PC
'60 Lucas Vila (12) - FG


'18 Alexander Zhirkov
'34 Dmitrii Kuraev
'40 Anton Noshin
'44 Linus Müller

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Match report

Mannheimer HC shook off the first half shackles as they hit full throttle in the second half of their EHL ROUND1 game to pull away from Dinamo Elektrostal.

Importantly, they moved ahead of Wimbledon’s goal difference, meaning they only need a draw on Sunday to go through ahead of their English rivals.

The first half was a close run battle with Dinamo going 1-0 up against the run of play when Nikita Dvoretskii broke clear from halfway and went it all alone to beat the last defender and fire a brilliant shot into the roof of the goal.

They were able to hold that lead until the 17th minute when Gonzalo Peillat whizzed a corner home by the right post for 1-1 but they never really cut loose before the break, struggling in the face of the Russian defence.

Elektrostal, though, ran out of legs in the second half with Peillat doubling his total with another powerful corner after the break. Tino Nguyen then followed up a corner to fire into the roof of the net for 3-1.

The final quarter saw them up their goal count significantly as Felix Schues got their first goal from play, Guido Barreiros tapped in at the back post and Lucas Vila extend the advantage to 6-1. Ilya Larikov pulled one back from a corner but Vila put an emphatic final exclamation point on the success, baseball-style, to make 7-2.

The result means they have a better goal difference and so can afford to draw against Wimbledon tomorrow while the English side must win their battle.

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Mannheimer HC

1 Jaques Danneberg
2 Gonzalo Peillat
3 Christopher Held
4 Lukas Stumpf
5 Rob Farrington
6 Teo Hinrichs
7 Tino Nguyen
8 Philipp Huber
9 Luis Holste
10 Linus Müller
11 Jossip Anzeneder
12 Lucas Vila
13 Paul Zmyslony
14 Frederik Hillmann
15 Moritz Frey
17 Patrick Harris
18 Mario Schachner
19 Felix Schües
20 Thimo Bernet
21 Jon Mechtold
22 Danny Nguyen
23 Jan-Philipp Fischer
24 Maximilian Neumann
25 Gabriel Ho-Garcia
26 Guido Barreiros
27 Timm Haase
30 Jean Danneberg
31 Marcel Goebel
32 Julius Döbele

Dinamo Elektrostal

Anton Noshin 1
Evgenii Mokrousov 2
Evgeny Artemov 3
Dmitrii Kuraev 4
Mikhail Proskuriakov 5
Zakhar Zaytsev 6
Alexander Zhirkov 7
Georgii Arusiia 8
Ilya Larikov 9
Aleksei Godenkov 10
Daniil Karagodin 11
Nikita Dvoretskii 12
Arseniy Okishev 13
Marat Khairullin 14
Mikhail Nekliudov 15
Matvei Spichkin 16
Andrey Kuraev 17
Roman Rogov 18
Iaroslav Loginov 19
Nikolai Bondariuk 20
Igor Shilkov 21
Ivan Zuikov 22
Dmitry Laptev 23
Sergey Lepeshkin 27