Match Details

12 - 0
19 Apr 19:30 CET


'5 Philip Meulenbroek (20) - FG
'11 Silas Lageman (15) - FG
'14 Koen Visser (19) - FG
'15 Teun Kropholler (21) - FG
'25 Philip Meulenbroek (20) - FG
'26 Martijn Havenga (22) - PC
'30 Koen Visser (19) - FG
'43 Philip Meulenbroek (20) - FG
'49 Martijn Havenga (22) - PC
'54 Koen Visser (19) - FG
'55 Bjorn Kellerman (11) - FG
'56 Koen Visser (19) - FG


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Match report

SV Kampong eased to victory in their ranking match against Scottish newcomers Grove Menzieshill as four first quarter goals put them out of sight with plenty of time to spare.

Philip Meulenbroek put them one up in the fifth minute with a brilliant strike, hitting first time whilst running away from goal, for 1-0, making up for an earlier open goal chance.

Silas Lageman was left with lots of space to cut in and fire a rocket to the roof of the net for the second before Koen Visser finished off a pitch length move with an accurate reverse into the right corner.

Teun Kropholler completed the first quarter scoring when he was able to make it by a series of tackles along the left baseline and ended up nudging the ball through Steven McIlravey’s legs.

Meulenbroek continued his excellent recent run of goals since returning to the side when he pounced on a loose ball. Martijn Havenga got in on in the action with a corner drag-flick. Visser made it seven for the first half from a tight angle before Meulenbroek made it 8-0 with the only goal of the third quarter.

Havenga got his second corner; Visser added another two either side of a Bjorn Kellerman goal as they moved to 12-0.

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SV Kampong

1 David Harte
2 David Wolff
3 Sjoerd de Wert
4 Jip Janssen
6 Lars Balk
7 Ties Ceulemans
8 Casper Roelofs
11 Bjorn Kellerman
12 Sander de Wijn
14 Robbert Kemperman
15 Silas Lageman
16 Floris de Ridder
17 Boet Phijffer
19 Koen Visser
20 Philip Meulenbroek
21 Teun Kropholler
22 Martijn Havenga
23 Pepijn Luijkx
24 Jasper Luijkx
26 Jeroen Fetter
28 Bram van Battum
29 Derck de Vilder
30 Rik Grob

Grove Menzieshill

Steven Mcilravey 1
Xander Swan 2
Christopher Moon 2
Benjamin Wilson 3
Luke Cranney 4
John Stephen 5
Ben Cromar 5
Aidan Mcquade 6
Jamie Carnegie 7
Alex Lihou 8
Paul Martin 9
Albert Rowling 10
Benjamin Cosgrove 11
Euan Cuthill 12
Oliver James 13
Cameron Golden 14
Gavin Tomlinson 15
Jack Cross 16
Cyril Varghese 16
Jamie Golden 17
Cameron Spiteri 18
Ryan McCurry 18
Nathan Soutar 20
Guy Rowson 21
Keir Robb 23
Ryan McGinn 25
Neil Allan 26
Sam Knight 27