Match Details

1 - 7
19 Apr 15:00 CET


'1 Martin Genestet (22) - FG
'2 Kane Russell (4) - PC
'15 Dylan Englebert (6) - FG
'37 Dylan Englebert (6) - FG
'44 Kane Russell (4) - FG
'45 Kane Russell (4) - PS
'48 Gaspard Baumgarten (8) - FG
'52 Max Muschs (5) - PC


'14 Dorian Thiéry
'32 John Verdussen
'58 Thomas Pauchet

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Match report

Ranking match: Royal Leopold 7 Saint Germain 1 (2-1)
Kane Russell filled his boots as Royal Leopold beat Saint Germain with plenty to spare in their EHL ranking match in Eindhoven.

Russell scored a drag-flick just 45 seconds into the game before Saint Ger got an immediate response with a classy pitch-length move ending with Martin Genestet finishing off from close range.

Dylan Englebert restored the Leo lead just before the end of the first quarter with a weaving run through the heart of the French side’s defence.

It was a lead they would hold until half-time as Romain Henet made some terriffic stops for the Belgian club.

Englebert guided in his second and Leo’s third seven minutes into the second half and it served to open the floodgates. Russell finished off a delightful move from play from Tom Degroote’s cross.

The New Zealander then completed his hat trick from a corner for 5-1. Gaspard Baumgarten bobbled in the sixth goal before Max Muschs added yet another with eight minutes remaining.

Hat trick scorer Russell said afterwards: “We were a bit disappointed with our game against Polo yesterday, didn’t play how we wanted to and they had some pretty classy players who we let dominate. Pretty pleased to come back and score some goals today to take some momentum into the Belgian league.

“We had a few injuries from yesterday and before so we showed we have some good depth in the team.

“EHL has been awesome. First season in it and I didn’t know what to expect and I have loved every part of it and just gutted I couldn’t go further.”

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Saint Germain HC

1 Franck Thievin
2 Grégoire Samson
3 Hugo Verrier
4 Guillaume Samson
5 Guillaume Deront
6 Noé Jouin
7 Lucas Bazille
8 Sander van Beusekom
9 Jules Verrier
10 Stijn Gabriel
11 Louis Goyet
12 Jules Dumas
13 Victor Keller
14 Fréderic Gohlke
15 Fabien Pourcelet
16 William-Ike Jeammot
17 Mathias Brachet
18 Pierre-Louis Verrier
21 Miguel Betti
22 Martin Genestet
23 Owen Jeammot
24 Tom Genestet
25 Thomas Pauchet
26 Blaise Rogeau
27 Kevin Mercurio
28 François Goyet
31 Matthieu Mariès
32 Guillaume De Vaucelles

Royal Leopold HC

Lionel Geusen 1
Dorian Thiéry 2
Romain Henet 3
Kane Russell 4
Max Muschs 5
Dylan Englebert 6
Arthur Verdussen 7
Gaspard Baumgarten 8
John Verdussen 9
Dimitri Cuvelier 10
Archibald de Kepper 11
Corentin De Trez 12
Tom Degroote 13
Tanguy Zimmer 14
Felix Deleuze 15
Maxime Groeteclaes 16
Nicolas Poncelet 17
Jean-Baptiste Forgues 18
Maximilien Bienfet 19
Aristide Coisne 20
Francois Sior 21
Thomas Hanne 22
Alexis Lemaire 23
Manuel Brunet 24
Tijmen Sakkers 25
Gilles Rigaux 26
Lewis Eaton 27
Vincent Deneumostier 28
Nathan Delos 29