Match Details

1 - 4
19 Apr 12:45 CET


'6 Michael Darling (10) - FG
'26 Luke Taylor (3) - PC
'30 Luke Taylor (3) - PC
'35 David Goodfield (19) - FG
'54 Alan Forsyth (17) - FG


'12 Harry MacMahon
'20 Tom Sorsby
'47 Tom Sorsby
'53 Ben Walker

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Match report

Ranking match: Three Rock Rovers 1 Surbiton 4 (1-2)
Surbiton finished off their EHL campaign with a composed 4-1 win over Three Rock Rovers to earn ranking points for England that could well assure them of a place in next year’s competition.

They fell behind early in the game when Jody Hosking’s powerful backhand cross found Mitch Darling at the back post where he controlled and thrashed by Harry Gibson’s defences.

Luke Taylor swapped the lead by half-time, though, as he fired home two penalty corners by Jamie Carr – who impressed in goal – as the English side began to take control.

From 2-1 at half-time, David Goodfield whipped home another from play before Alan Forsyth showed lovely hands to make it 4-1 late in the game.

Reflecting on the weekend, Surbiton coach Mark Pearn said: “It was very tough; I felt we played very well in both games.

“To come back from the disappointment of the Waterloo Ducks game, I am really proud of what the guys did and the way they approached the game. Mentally, they are in a strong place and I think they just wanted to finish the season well.”

Surbiton finished second in their English championship playoffs, having won the regular season. It gives them the second English spot in Europe next season.

Winning this ranking match gives them an extra boost in terms of taking a likely place in the EHL next season for the KO16 in Barcelona.

Pearn is keen to see his side develop further and push for the KO8 and FINAL4 stages.

“Since Wednesday, we spent the last 48 hours thinking what do we need to do to be at this level. It’s difficult because our league isn’t as strong as the Belgian, German and Dutch leagues.

“It’s difficult for us to play against high ranking opposition and different styles. We’ve to set our standards really high throughout the season but that’s definitely our focus.

“The guys have had a real taste of the level and that’s the standard we have to set to compete with, basically, professional sides within an amateur set-up.

“Our internationals love playing for their club side and for the non-internationals, this is the highlight of their season. You only have to watch the standard of the matches; it’s a wonderful thing to be a part of.

“It’s a shame we couldn’t take that step this year but we will have the opportunity next year to go one step further.”

They are also in a rare position as one of the clubs this season with both men’s and women’s sides playing in the top tier in Europe.

“It’s a very special club. We have about 1,000 juniors and there has been great support for us out here. The men and women are certainly driving us on and I know the women will definitely be looking forward to savouring this atmosphere.”

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Three Rock Rovers

0 Nick Judge
0 Luke Campion
1 James Carr
2 David Kane
3 Ravin Nair
4 Peter Blakeney
6 Matthew Walker
7 Conor Empey
8 John Mullins
9 Ross Canning
10 Michael Darling
11 Ben Walker
13 Luke Madeley
14 Daragh Walsh
15 Kevin Mullins
16 Robert McCollum
17 Harry Morris
18 Jody Hosking
19 Mark English
21 Jack McAlister
23 Alex Flynn
24 Harry MacMahon
25 Ben McCrea
26 Shane O'Brien
28 Shane Madeley
29 Luke Adams
30 Alistair Empey
31 Harry Lynch
32 Ed Simpson

Surbiton HC

Harry Gibson 1
Tim Atkins 2
Luke Taylor 3
Lewis Prosser 4
Tom Sorsby 5
Ben Boon 6
Jonny Gall 7
Chris Grassick 8
Arjan Draton-Chana 9
David Beckett 10
William Marshall 11
Harry Gough 12
Zach Wallace 13
James Royce 14
Alan Forsyth 17
Brendan Creed 18
David Goodfield 19
David Bartram 20
Rory Calnan 21
Hayden Beltz 23
Sam Spencer 24
Nicholas Parkes 25
James Gall 26
Conor Williamson 27
Mark Haycroft 28
Taylor Seager-Green 29
Josh Grigg 30
Max Lowrey 31
Scott Evans 32