Match Details


'35 Johannes Grosse (24) - PC
'47 Christopher Rühr (17) - FG
'52 Mirco Pruijser (10) - FG
'54 Valentin Verga (12) - FG


'19 Jan Fleckhaus
'57 Johannes Grosse

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Match report

Rot Weiss kept alive their hopes of a second EHL title in three seasons as they won an extraordinary KO8 shoot-out against AH&BC Amsterdam.

It means there will not be a Dutch side in the FINAL4 for the first time in the history of the Euro Hockey League while there are also two new medalists guaranteed with only Rot-Weiss having stepped on the podium before.

After a scoreless first half, the tie burst into life when Johannes Grosse and Christopher Ruhr put the German side 2-0 up only for Mirco Pruijser and Valentin Verga to score in the last eight minutes and earn a draw.

The shoot-out went to the eighth round before the deadlock was broken where Ruhr scored to make it 6-5 and Victor Aly held his ground against Tom Hiebendaal to register the win.

The first half was a cagey affair with both sides trying to figure each other out. Pruijser’s rising reverse-stick shot into the side netting was the pick of the early action while Thies Prinz and Antheus Barry made some super baseline runs.

The second half opened up with Mats Grambusch controlling the tempo and Timur Oruz in particularly strong form. Rot-Weiss opened the scoring from a corner, brilliantly worked to Ruhr and then on to Grosse to sweep in from the injection zone.

Justin Reid-Ross clattered the bar with his first corner drag-flick and Aly held out another before Ruhr put the Germans two up in glorious fashion. His clever skills got him away from his marker before exchanging passes with Marco Miltkau and finishing beautifully.

But Amsterdam showed their fighting spirit and got a lifeline when Pruijser unleashed a vicious shot to beat Aly from the left of the circle. Verga then pounced on a loose ball fro Jan-Willem Buissant’s crash ball to make it 2-2 with six minutes left.

Rik van Kan could have won it soon after when he was through all on his own but Aly held him up enough to snuff out the chance.

It led to the fourth shoot-out of the day and it was a high quality one with the first five ending in a 4-4 draw. The drama continued with both sides missing in round six and scoring in round seven. Ruhr kept his nerve to rebound his own shot for 6-5 before Aly kept out Amsterdam’s eighth shoot-out for the victory.

“It was a very intense, very hard game; both sides had so many chances but we are just so happy we won it in the end,” player of the match Thies Prinz said afterwards.

“We were up 2-0 and then the draw so the emotions were very high but I am just so happy that we won! I am just too happy too talk!”

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Rot-Weiss Koln

2 Elias Würker
3 Mats Grambusch
4 Lukas Trompertz
5 Kai Aichinger
6 Joshua Delarber
7 Antheus Barry
8 Florian Adrians
9 Martin Chorus
10 Moritz Trompertz
11 Luis Höchemer
12 Max Werner
13 Florian Pelzner
14 Jonas Gomoll
15 Tom Grambusch
16 Hendrik Schwarzer
17 Christopher Rühr
18 Maximilian Siegburg
20 Constantin Illies
21 Jan Fleckhaus
22 Marco Miltkau
23 Thies Prinz
24 Johannes Grosse
25 Eric Knobling
27 Timur Oruz
28 Benedikt Swiatek
29 Nicolas Hillmann
30 Victor Aly
31 Moritz Zimmermann
32 Joshua Onyekwue

AH&BC Amsterdam

Klaas Vermeulen 2
Charlie Plomp 3
Idse Luirink 4
Niek Merkus 5
Caspar van Dijk 6
Jan-Willem Buissant 7
Billy Bakker 8
Rik van Kan 9
Mirco Pruijser 10
Boris Burkhardt 11
Valentin Verga 12
Nicki Leijs 14
Philip van Leeuwen 15
Robert Tigges 17
Floris Evers 18
Wouter van den Brink 19
Tijn Lissone 20
Teun Rohof 21
Jan de Wijkerslooth 22
Wiegert Schut 23
Tom Hiebendaal 24
Justin Reid-Ross 25
Joris Albers 26
Wietze van Ede 27
Casper Horn 28
Fergus Kavanagh 31