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'6 Lucas Vila (12) - FG
'13 Timm Haase (27) - PC
'17 Lukas Windfeder (6) - PC
'27 Lukas Windfeder (6) - PC
'29 Lucas Vila (12) - FG
'35 Lukas Windfeder (6) - PC
'50 Timm Haase (27) - FG
'53 Lukas Windfeder (6) - PC


'7 Tobias Matania
'18 Linus Müller
'43 Linus Müller
'43 Max Godau

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Match report

Mannheimer HC are through to the FINAL4 of the EHL for the very first time after they won their German derby battle with Uhlenhorst Mulheim in a shoot-out.

It was played at an outrageous pace from start to finish with Mannheimer bursting into a 2-0 lead and they also led 3-2 and 4-3 but each time, Lukas Windfeder forced Uhlenhorst back into the tie.

It took just six minutes for Mannheim to take the lead as Lucas Vila got on the end of Philipp Huber’s cross. Timm Haase then made it two from a corner move as Gonzalo Peillat stepped away to the right as a distraction.

Windfeder tied the game up with two corners – in the 17th and 27th minutes – with some supreme power and it might have been even better but for Jan Schiffer’s volleyed effort being disallowed.

Vila restored Mannheim’s lead following a brilliant near post flick from a swift breakaway move via Danny Nguyen and Felix Schues.

Windfeder’s third drag came five minutes into the second half while Timm Herzbruch was being kept reasonably quiet by Linus Muller – albeit while picking up a green and yellow card for his troubles.

Haase got MHC back in front yet again with 10 minutes to go with a deflection from the top of the circle. Yet again, Windfeder found an equaliser from the set piece after a chain of three corners, making it 4-4 with seven minutes to go.

It meant a shoot-out where Mannheim scored a perfect four from four while goalkeeper Lukas Stumpf made two saves, securing a 4-2 success in the shoot-out.

“The news came up yesterday but I knew a few months ago that I wanted to stay in Mannheim,” Lucas Vila said a day after it was confirmed he has extended his contract for another year with the club.

“We have a really good team, strong coaches that work really hard and the team is always aiming for more. They were champions two year ago but we want more in the EHL.

“This game was like a rollercoaster; we started really well, going two goals up and we had to defend too much at the end. It was a nice game to watch – both teams played well and the shoot-outs always just go to the side who is a bit sharper!”

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Mannheimer HC

1 Jaques Danneberg
2 Gonzalo Peillat
3 Christopher Held
4 Lukas Stumpf
5 Rob Farrington
6 Teo Hinrichs
7 Tino Nguyen
8 Philipp Huber
9 Luis Holste
10 Linus Müller
11 Jossip Anzeneder
12 Lucas Vila
13 Paul Zmyslony
14 Frederik Hillmann
15 Moritz Frey
17 Patrick Harris
18 Mario Schachner
19 Felix Schües
20 Thimo Bernet
21 Jon Mechtold
22 Danny Nguyen
23 Jan-Philipp Fischer
24 Maximilian Neumann
25 Gabriel Ho-Garcia
26 Guido Barreiros
27 Timm Haase
30 Jean Danneberg
31 Marcel Goebel
32 Julius Döbele

THC Uhlenhorst Mülheim

Lennart Küppers 1
Lukas Figura 2
Sukhpal Panesar 3
Ferdinand Weinke 4
Lukas Windfeder 6
Tom Brinkmann 7
Julius Meyer 8
Till Brock 9
Tobias Matania 10
Thilo Stralkowski 11
Benedikt Fürk 12
Jonas Weißner 13
Timm Herzbruch 14
Vincent Hütter 15
Robert Duckscheer 16
Laurens Halfmann 17
Benjamin Becker 18
Jan Nitschke 19
Niklas Bosserhoff 20
Keegan Pereira 21
Jonas Seidemann 22
Max Godau 23
Moritz Ludwig 25
Elian Mazkour 26
Jan Schiffer 27
Malte Hellwig 29
Victor Haebel 30
Benedikt Sons 31
Felix Damberger 32