Match Details

2 - 3
18 Apr 21:30 CET


'29 Jip Janssen (4) - PC
'34 Tom Grambusch (15) - PC
'51 Mats Grambusch (3) - PC
'55 Martijn Havenga (22) - PC
'60 Mats Grambusch (3) - FG


'22 Floris de Ridder

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Match report

Mats Grambusch produced a remarkable last minute winner to see Rot-Weiss Koln win the latest edition of this ongoing rivalry, a truly epic 3-2 success in the last of the KO16 matches in Eindhoven.

This edition was played at an incredible tempo with both sides throwing everything into the contest. Kampong had to play without Robbert Kemperman and Lars Balk but were boosted by the availability of Sander de Wijn.

Rot-Weiss had the best of the first quarter and were within inches of opening the scoring in the 11th minute when Sjoerd de Wert – who has recently been brought out of retirement – deflected a Tom Grambusch shot onto the bar.

Kampong stepped up their pace in the second quarter with Boet Phijffer going close on a couple of occasions while Victory Aly made some great saves from Jip Janssen.

Janssen did break the deadlock in the 28th minute, however, when he picked up the ball from a charged down drag-flick and fire into the roof of the net.

Rot-Weiss started the second half in good shape and they scored their equaliser via Tom Grambusch’s heavily deflected drag-flick – his eighth goal in 13 EHL games.

Aly made a couple of powerful saves while Bjorn Kellerman – who was excellent in the quarter-back role – should have made it 2-1 when he battled past the last defender but inexplicably missed an open goal.

Johannes Grosse had also saved off the line before Rot-Weiss went in front from their fourth corner, a smart move between the Grambusch brothers, Tom laying on for Mats to guide in.

Martijn Havenga equalised with five minutes to go in almost identical fashion to Janssen’s opening goal, rebounding his own charged down drag-flick to shoot into the roof on his reverse.

The last few minutes saw a plethora of dramatic moments with both sides denied a goal on video review. And they got an amazing winner with 25 seconds left on the clock when Mats Grambusch went on his own to score a truly remarkable goal, weaving inside two defenders and clipping a gorgeous finish over David Harte.

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SV Kampong

1 David Harte
2 David Wolff
3 Sjoerd de Wert
4 Jip Janssen
6 Lars Balk
7 Ties Ceulemans
8 Casper Roelofs
11 Bjorn Kellerman
12 Sander de Wijn
14 Robbert Kemperman
15 Silas Lageman
16 Floris de Ridder
17 Boet Phijffer
19 Koen Visser
20 Philip Meulenbroek
21 Teun Kropholler
22 Martijn Havenga
23 Pepijn Luijkx
24 Jasper Luijkx
26 Jeroen Fetter
28 Bram van Battum
29 Derck de Vilder
30 Rik Grob

Rot-Weiss Koln

Elias Würker 2
Mats Grambusch 3
Lukas Trompertz 4
Kai Aichinger 5
Joshua Delarber 6
Antheus Barry 7
Florian Adrians 8
Martin Chorus 9
Moritz Trompertz 10
Luis Höchemer 11
Max Werner 12
Florian Pelzner 13
Jonas Gomoll 14
Tom Grambusch 15
Hendrik Schwarzer 16
Christopher Rühr 17
Maximilian Siegburg 18
Constantin Illies 20
Jan Fleckhaus 21
Marco Miltkau 22
Thies Prinz 23
Johannes Grosse 24
Eric Knobling 25
Timur Oruz 27
Benedikt Swiatek 28
Nicolas Hillmann 29
Victor Aly 30
Moritz Zimmermann 31
Joshua Onyekwue 32