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'8 David Aura (10) - FG
'36 Blaise Rogeau (26) - FG


'21 Guillaume Deront
'40 Guillaume Samson

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Match report

Club Egara produced an almost identical victory to their 2015 KO16 success over Saint Germain which also ended 1-1 before prevailing in a shoot-out.

The vastly experienced Quico Cortes produced an excellent set of blocks in the decisive phase to hand his side the victory and their first trip to the quarter-finals since that 20014/15 campaign.

It was a gritty, physical battle throughout against a Saint Ger side who caused them plenty of problems throughout. Egara did go in front when Pol Gispert’s crash ball into the circle took a deflection which Guillaume de Vaucelles had to block. It fell from his pads, though, into the gleeful path of David Aura who chipped in a seventh minute opening goal.

The first half grew increasingly physical with numerous bodies going tumbling but no advance on the scoreline.

When the leveller did come, it was a thing of the beauty that lit up the contest. Martin Genestet’s powerful cross from the right wing was controlled with a bounce by Blaise Rogeau who took the chance to unleash a fabulous high volley that gave Cortes no chance.

For the remainder, Egara looked the more likely to get a winning goal, particularly in the last five minutes but a shoot-out was the outcome.

There, Tom Genestet and Vincenc Ruiz both scored in the first round before a round of misses. Francois Goyet was also denied before Gerard Clapes held his nerve despite a buzzer malfunction to get a crucial goal for 2-1.

No one was able to score from the closing four shoot-outs with Cortes brilliantly keeping out Thomas Pauchet in the last round with his hands.

Xavi Gispert said afterwards: “We played very well first half and could have gotten a couple of goals but we have a lot to improve for the next game. Rhythm is key in the EHL and that is what we will have to change for our next game.”

As for his goalkeeper, Gispert added: “We are lucky to have him and hopefully he will be around for a long time.”

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Saint Germain HC

1 Franck Thievin
2 Grégoire Samson
3 Hugo Verrier
4 Guillaume Samson
5 Guillaume Deront
6 Noé Jouin
7 Lucas Bazille
8 Sander van Beusekom
9 Jules Verrier
10 Stijn Gabriel
11 Louis Goyet
12 Jules Dumas
13 Victor Keller
14 Fréderic Gohlke
15 Fabien Pourcelet
16 William-Ike Jeammot
17 Mathias Brachet
18 Pierre-Louis Verrier
21 Miguel Betti
22 Martin Genestet
23 Owen Jeammot
24 Tom Genestet
25 Thomas Pauchet
26 Blaise Rogeau
27 Kevin Mercurio
28 François Goyet
31 Matthieu Mariès
32 Guillaume De Vaucelles

Club Egara

Francisco Cortes 1
Ignacio Torredemer 2
Josep Romeu 3
Josep Farrés-Palet 4
Paul Buck 6
Pau Quemada 7
Lluís Mercadé 8
Miquel Espi 9
David Aura 10
Gerard Clapés 11
Marc Recasens 12
Xavier Aguilar 14
Pedro Sanroma 15
Josep Duran 17
Pere Arch 18
Josep Novell 19
Pol Torres 20
Vicenç Ruiz 21
Pere Divorra 22
Pol Gispert 23
Jordi Farrés 24
Joan Gali 25
Joan Torruella 26
Alex Broto 27
Marc Sanroma 28
Jaume Torras 29
Enric Bou 30
Nacho Mendez 31
Xavier Gispert 32