Match Details

2 - 3
17 Apr 21:30 CET


'3 Jan Schiffer (27) - FG
'22 Mink van der Weerden (11) - FG
'35 Timm Herzbruch (14) - FG
'43 Bob de Voogd (19) - FG
'51 Timm Herzbruch (14) - FG


'4 Timm Herzbruch
'5 Rizwan Muhammad
'20 Max Godau
'34 Mink van der Weerden
'60 Timm Herzbruch

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Match report

Timm Herzbruch put in a glorious performance to propel Uhlenhorst Mulheim to a famous KO16 win over HC Oranje Rood, going through to a KO8 date with Mannheimer HC.

His thunderous 51st minute strike crowned a superb performance for the German champions with the hosts bowing out of the competition.

In a thrilling opening, Herzbruch’s reverse drew a great save from Pirmin Blaak but the ball fell only as far as Jan Schiffer who scooped up the rebound for 1-0 in the third minute.

Goalkeeper Jonas Weissner kept it that way in the face of Rashid Mehmood’s powerful strike with an incredibly agile double-stop as the game raced from end to end.

Mink van der Weerden did equalise in the second quarter with a drag-flick from play, the ball falling kindly to him at the top of the circle and he whipped it from outside to just inside the D and into the goal.

It came just moments after van der Weerden had brilliantly cleared off the goal line and could have been a pivotal moment in the match.

Herzbruch, though, continued to take centre-stage and he hit the turbo button in the second half with a 70-metre run that eventually saw the ball fall back to him after Niklas Bosserhoff’s shot to clip home for 2-1.

Bob de Voogd levelled the game for a second time when he managed to reel in Rob van der Horst’s crash ball, turning quickly and then scoring on his reverse with a moment of true class.

But, with nine minutes to go, Herzbruch was at it again as his speed saw him turn two defenders and find some space to shoot, his rocket beating Pirmin Blaak before he had time to react.

They looked to be holding on comfortably for the result until Oranje-Rood won a corner with 24 seconds to go. Van der Weerden’s drag was charged down but the ball fell to his backhand which he hit with real purpose at the bottom corner but Tobias Matania was waiting to bat away off the line, raising his hands to the crowd to celebrate.

“It’s always intense in the EHL. We played with a great structure," Herzbruch said afterwards. "The atmosphere was fantastic and we had a few hundred fans who came here from Mulheim!

“The next two days we have to regenerate for our German battle with Mannheim. We know them very well from the Bundesliga and let’s see what happens!”

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HC Oranje-Rood

1 Mark Jenniskens
6 Rashid Mehmood
7 Rizwan Muhammad
9 Jim van de Venne
10 Thomas Briels
11 Mink van der Weerden
12 Gijs van Merriënboer
13 Benjamin Stanzl
14 Nicolaas van der Schoot
15 Bodie Berenos
16 Mark Rijkers
17 Teun Beins
18 Rob Reckers
19 Bob de Voogd
20 Max de Bie
21 Max Kuijpers
22 Lucas Martinez
23 Joep de Mol
24 Robert van der Horst
25 Bram Huijbregts
26 Pirmin Blaak
28 Sheldon Schouten
29 Daan Niesen
30 Maurits Hoogbergen
31 Thijs Janssen
32 Sander van Berkel

THC Uhlenhorst Mülheim

Lennart Küppers 1
Lukas Figura 2
Sukhpal Panesar 3
Ferdinand Weinke 4
Lukas Windfeder 6
Tom Brinkmann 7
Julius Meyer 8
Till Brock 9
Tobias Matania 10
Thilo Stralkowski 11
Benedikt Fürk 12
Jonas Weißner 13
Timm Herzbruch 14
Vincent Hütter 15
Robert Duckscheer 16
Laurens Halfmann 17
Benjamin Becker 18
Jan Nitschke 19
Niklas Bosserhoff 20
Keegan Pereira 21
Jonas Seidemann 22
Max Godau 23
Moritz Ludwig 25
Elian Mazkour 26
Jan Schiffer 27
Malte Hellwig 29
Victor Haebel 30
Benedikt Sons 31
Felix Damberger 32